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Talking Travel Beauty Essentials and Bucket Lists with Lauren Pope

Whether you’re a TOWIE addict, a music lover or a fashion enthusiast i’m going to assume this pretty face is no stranger to you + yesterday, at the Hawaiian Tropic Sun School, I met the lovely lady herself – Lauren Pope.

(Hawaiian Tropic have just bought out two BEAUT new products… 
The ‘Air Soft Silk Hydration’
‘Ultra Radiance After Sun’)

With common interests lying all over the place, it’s safe to say we weren’t stuck for conversation…
But aside from re-establishing that I must book onto a DJ course real soon, we focused on all things Travel and I voice noted the whole thing for ya…
Mollie: What / where is on your bucket list? Is there anywhere in particular that stands out?
Lauren: I’d love to do a tour of Australia. It’s the only place, pretty much, that i haven’t been to yet. I’ve done China, Europe, America but never Australia and I’ve only heard amazing things. Oh and New Zealand too – perhaps i could kill two birds with one stone. 
Mollie: I absolutely fell in love with Australia. Is there any where particular in Australia?
Lauren: Obviously when you think of Australia you think of the super touristy places like Sydney, so i’d like to go there, but my niece is travelling Australia at the moment and she keeps telling me about all these amazing places that are off the ‘usual’ tracks and sound amazing. The fashion and clothing out there looks so beautiful too!
Mollie: Isn’t it! They are very much into fitness and health aswell. It’s so outdoorsy and particularly with the sunshine it makes staying on top of your diet and exercise a lot easier! They have the most gorgeous vegan cafes and Acai Bowls too.
Lauren: I know have you seen Tash and Dev’s Instagram? (@abikiniaday)
Mollie: YES! Goals. The Australian lifestyle is just a dream. Even in Sydney, right in the city centre, every other person is in their gym gear and trainers.
Lauren: It’s the same in LA, going out and about in your gym gear is totally acceptable – i love that.
Mollie: Ah I haven’t been to LA yet, I’m heading that way in May.
Lauren: Ahh, if you like that kinda vibe, you’ll love it in LA.
Mollie: Amazing – i can’t wait! 

Okay so, what are your must have plane beauty essentials? What do you take in your hand luggage?

Lauren: Face Wipes + a good moisturiser. If i can be bothered (laughs) i’ll take a cleanser as well.
Mollie: Are there any brands you swear by?
Lauren: Dr. Lancer. Oh my god. So i used to have bad skin well, i still get breakouts every now and then I think everyone does, but at the time i tried every possible product possible. Then someone recommended Dr.Lancer and i think Victoria Beckham used it at the time too so I tried it. It’s a little bit expensive but it lasts.
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Mollie: I totally agree it’s worth spending the extra money on products. About 18 months ago I suffered real bad with Acne and I ended up on Roaccutane as a last resort to clear it. Since then I’m very particular with products and i’m currently using Medik8 Cosmoceuticals which are amazing. I did a blog post on it (see it here) and it’s one of my most viewed blog posts to date. Acne is so common and so tough to go through.
Lauren: Yeah, I always admire people that have bad skin and can be confident. Everyone gets bad skin at some point, no one gets away with it unless they are really lucky.
Mollie: And it’s so good when influencers share their experiences because it’s real life. People like real – hence my blog post views.
Lauren: Totally. I wish i had someone like that when I was younger, it would have 100% made me feel better.
Mollie: Do you have a summer Make Up essential? Like a favourite product?
Lauren: The Soft and gentle powder from MAC. Tip: Pop a bit on the bottom of nose and just above the lip.
Mollie: And what about Skin Hydration whilst you are away? We all know the sun can dry out your skin and even air-conditioning on planes!
Lauren: Ooo yes i use these green tea sheet masks. Your make up just doesn’t sit on the same when you aren’t hydrated and I love these masks. You just pop them on for, I think, 20 minutes.
(Shop the Green Tea Sheet Masks here)
Mollie: I think i’ve seen people uploading photos of these on Instagram before…
Lauren: Haha yes, you just look like an insane person from Silence Of The Lambs or something. With just the eye and mouth holes! 

Mollie: How do you look after your hair when you’re travelling?
Lauren: Well normally I’m wearing hair extensions so i use sulphate free hair conditioners, a deep conditioner and a heat defense spray – thats one thing people forget. Your hair gets damaged too in the sun and using a spray is so essential. It makes hair extensions last a lot longer too.
Mollie: 100%. I use the Kerastase sun protector when i’m away. Kerastase and Redken products are just SO good, really amazing quality if you want to take great care of your hair. 
Lauren: Ooo actually yes, Redken do a really good 5 minute hair mask, it comes in a little pot.
Mollie: Amazing and lastly, we haven’t spoken about your extensions brand yet – Hair Rehab!  Forgive me, I’m not clued up on all this kinda stuff. Is it extensions you do?
Lauren: We do hair extensions, hair pieces and we will eventually sell hair products too but that won’t be for a while yet.
Mollie: I’m definitely more of a convenience, quick and easy hair gal, which is i think why I’ve never tried them? But i’d love to.
Lauren: Well we do the hair pieces which obviously you can just use when you fancy and then remove. We have a top knot hair piece actually, similar to how your hair is now. You tie your hair up underneath the hair piece so it’s covered, which actually protects your hair from the sun at the same time – could be a great travel accessory!
Mollie: Dreamy! And it protects your hair. I’m going to have to have a look at those 🙂

You can check out the full range on Lauren’s website here…

Thank you for reading! 
Thank you to Lauren for being so lovely 
+ Thank you Hawaiian Tropic for an awesome day learning all about Sun Care and why it is SO important!


Happy adventuring 🙂

Stay tuned… I have some pretty exciting adventures coming up!
(and a brand spanking new blog – eeeeeeeeek!)

Mollie xxxx
Find out exactly what beauty bits i take with me on my travels in this video…


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