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I'M HIRING! How to apply...

Updated On 26th April, 2020

Hey. Hi. Hello.

Think you have what it takes to come on board the Where’s Mollie Team?

You may have seen on Instagram that I’m looking to take one of you on to help me run my brand/s this Autumn. There were a lot of questions and a lot of DM’s regarding this opportunity, so to clear it all up I’ve written this post.

Why am I hiring?

As much as I try to be transparent with the work that goes into all I do, I doubt many of you actually know how much work it takes to run Where’s Mollie? and Where’s Mollie Global Travellers smoothly.

Truth is, with both of them growing by the second, it’s becoming very hard to run them smoothly. That is if I want to live a healthy life and not run myself into the ground continuously whilst doing so.

I’ve hit a wall. A positive wall I hope. I want to take things to the next level and to do so, I’m going to need some help.

That’s where YOU come in.

The job role…

There’s no specific job title for this vacancy but I guess you could pop something like PA / Event Planner on it. Just like me, you’ll need to get good at multiple things. You don’t necessarily need to know how to do everything prior to joining the team but I need 100% enthusiasm toward learning. You’ll need to be very organised, efficient, pro active, passionate and able to act independently.

Of course I will spend a lot of time training you up so for that reason, I need someone who see’s a future working alongside me. Trust me, if things go as I plan them to, we’ll be going full time in no time.

You’ll be helping me with the running of both Where’s Mollie and WMGT.

The rewards are dreamy but the work is hard.

I’m still working out the exact tasks but as it stands here’s the kind of things you’ll be up to…

Example tasks that you'd be doing

  • PA work (emails, flight check ins)
  • Scheduling social media posts
  • Designing social media posts for WMGT events
  • Researching and planning WMGT events
  • Building relationships and engaging in social interaction
  • Innovating new ideas
  • Updating the websites accordingly
  • Preparing and sending out a monthly newsletter
  • Keeping accounts
  • Helping me film
  • Helping me shoot campaigns

Ideally you...

  • Are tech savvy (who isn’t these days really)
  • Have easy access into London (you can work remotely but we will definitely schedule time together regularly)
  • Are enthusiastic about photography / have appreciation for a good photo
  • Are looking for a future working alongside me
  • Are passionate about travel
  • Are a good writer
  • Thrive off of good organisation (spreadsheets are key)
  • Have been travelling before so you’re in tune with travellers needs and desires
  • Are confident talking on the phone to people

It would be amazing if you...

  • Have experience with Adobe Photoshop / with graphic design
  • Have experience using Adobe Lightroom
  • Have studied photography / take photos already
  • Were London based

Hours and pay…

Yes this job will be paid and at the moment it will be a part time role. I need to test the effectiveness of having someone to help me. I need to see how I adjust to delegating tasks and I need to see results before we take it further. Consider it a trial period.

I need to know that I can put trust in the investment to take someone on full time, so this is the first step.

I’m looking at around 15 hours a week, at around £9 an hour. We can discuss the finer details at a later date but I’m happy to set an amount per month and also happy to be flexible with hours / when they are completed.

Given the nature of social media and freelance work, some weeks there will be a heavier workload than others. You will need to have a certain level of flexibility and be dedicated to working a little harder when the brand needs it.

Of course this role can be done around your current job be it part time or full time. What I will say though is I need commitment.

When will you start?

I’m currently run off my feet preparing single handedly for WMGT adventure #5 in Croatia in 2 weeks time and WMGT adventure #6 in November amongst a handful of Where’s Mollie campaigns. Due to the latter, I don’t have time just yet to interview and read applications, let alone invest time in training someone up. However at the end of September I will be able to put the time aside and we can get wheels in motion.

Again I can be flexible but an October start is ideal. You will come to London and train up with me initially!

How to apply…

Capture a 1-2 minute video of yourself (can be just on your phone) and tell me why you’d be the perfect addition to the team.

  • Tell me what experience you have (that you feel is relevant)…
  • Tell me how organised you are…
  • Tell me where you see yourself in 3 years time…
  • Tell me why you want to be part of Where’s Mollie and why you’d choose this job over other part time employment.

Just do your thing. Show me that you’re committed and that together we can build something special.

Send your video application to [email protected]

Application deadline

September 17th 2018





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