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My skincare and make up favourites when travelling

It’s not often that I change up my make up or skincare routine. I’m not really someone that reviews beauty products or explores new beauty trends as they appear on the market. I find something I like, something that works and I kind of stick with it – hence why you don’t get these posts from me very often.

But I do like to do an update every once in a while for you and I get a lot of requests for beauty type posts so hello, he we are.

My skin is honestly something that, since suffering with acne at 21, I take a lot of pride in looking after. If any of you have ever suffered with bad skin before, you may be similar in the fact that you’re so grateful when it heals – you’ll do anything to keep it that way.

If you’re in the midst of your skin going through the motions, read this interview I did with top dermatologist Dr. Martin Wade from London Real Skin. They are an awesome clinic in London that helped me get my skin back on track with a series of treatments.

Anyway, since suffering with the bought of acne I had and after going on roaccutane to clear it, I’ve been committed to gifting my skin with only the most beneficial products on the market. I used Cetaphil whilst I was on roaccutance and then used an Obagi range for a few years.

About a month ago I then had a wonderful Dermoi! facial in my London flat during which Juliana used Osmosis products on my skin.

I honestly fell in love with the products during the treatment and I completely changed my skincare over to Osmosis. The Osmosis products feel a lot gentler on my skin but I know they still contain active ingredients that are effective on my skin. My skin is in a good place now and I feel these products are nourishing it perfectly.

For anyone that’s interested, Dermoi! is a company that brings advanced facial treatments to your home hotel or office. They operate from 7am – 11pm, 7 days a week so you can guarantee a professional, high quality treatment in the comfort of your own home. I lit the candles in my room and had one after work – it was an absolute dream.

See their website here if you’re interested! (A great gift idea!)

Dermoi! have actually given me a discount code to share with you ‘dermoi30mollie’ which gets you £30 off your first treatment. Happy early christmas! (This isn’t sponsored or affiliated, they are just a new service and want to spread the word. Honestly – you’ll LOVE it.)

The products I now use on my skin are mostly not your typical high street brands. They do come with a slightly higher price tag but I find they last so much longer and if there’s one thing I’ll prioritise spending money on – it’s my skin.

Let me take you through, first, my skin care routine…

  • My skincare and make up favourites when travelling
  • My skincare and make up favourites when travelling
  • My skincare and make up favourites when travelling

My day to day skin care routine when i’m at home is as follows…


  • Use a cotton pad with a few drops of micellar cleansing water to freshen up my face
  • One pump of Osmosis quench moisturiser for hydration


  • One pump of Osmosis deep clean cleanser, lather up with some water on face and massage into skin
  • Leave it for one minute to activate and then follow with another massage into skin and rinse
  • One pump of Calm (vitamin A serum) followed by one pump of Replenish (anti oxident repair serum)

Once a week / if there’s a change in season / if i’ve come back from travelling somewhere with a contrasting climate and feel I need extra hydration then I may apply:

  • Bare Minerals SkinLongevity sleeping gel (replenishes and repairs skin overnight)

shop here

  • Decleor white petal sleeping mask

shop here

  • Decleor overnight rose balm (calming and hydrating!)

shop here

If i’ve had a particularly heavy pollution / down and dirty adventure then my go to masks and exfoliators are:

  • Bare Minerals Dirty Detox face mask

shop here (this brush is perfect for application)

  • Skin polishing grains (you add them to your cleanser when you want to exfoliate)

shop here

  • My skincare and make up favourites when travelling
  • My skincare and make up favourites when travelling
  • My skincare and make up favourites when travelling

What skin care products do I take travelling with me?

Let’s face it, you can have the most beautifully extensive skincare regime at home but when it comes to travelling – there just isn’t room for it all. Beauty products (unless you have all the minis) take up weight and room and if you’re like me and carry camera / computer equipment too – somethings got to give.

Saying that, I really don’t like compromising my skin care routine and the times that I have – I always regret it. If anything, being on the road is the time I need to be most careful.

My job has a very heavy outdoor lifestyle focus so firstly, I’m very careful and minimise sun exposure where possible. I also always travel with an SPF 30+ for my face, usually 50.

Don’t save money and buy shit products when it comes to looking after your skin. Protect it before the damage is done.

What I pack to take with me:

  • Osmosis deep clean cleanser (I decant my 200ml cleanser into a mini bottle so that I don’t have to compromise quality of skincare. This lasts me a week.)
  • Micellar water (I decant my large Bare Minerals bottle into a mini bottle so that I can save weight and just take whats necessary. This lasts 4-7 days.)

These little bottles from Muji are perfect to pop in your carry on luggage when flying too for a mid flight freshen up!

I then always take an overnight hydrating mask with me for a little extra moisture when I need it.

At the moment i’m loving the Decleor White Petal sleeping mask because it just feels SO hydrating and it’s the perfect travel size to take on a place / pop in my toilettry bag.

My skincare and make up favourites when travelling

What make up essentials do I take travelling with me?

I’ve never been that great at make up if i’m honest. I pick a trick or two up from my more glamorous friends as the years go by but I’ve never been one to master the smoky eye or kill the contour. Ya know? Oh if there were more hours in the day.

Anyway, I’ve always found I suit a more natural look anyway. A bit of colour, a bit of glow and a touch of colour on the lips for special occasions.

If you don’t know already, I wear individual eyelash extensions. I have done for about 7 years now (with 2 or 3 breaks) so they save me every day from really having to make much effort. They open up my eyes and constantly make it appear as if i’ve had a tint and curl on the lashes.

I absolutely love them,  particularly for travelling, camping, ocean adventure and more. No panda eyes and a great distraction from any jet lagged eyes / skin going on.

Aside from that though of course I carry make up. It’s still fun, even if I don’t know what I’m doing.

I use pretty much all Bare Minerals products because they are super light, they deliver goodness to my skin and if ever I forget to take them off, I know they are actually doing more good for my skin than bad. Clean formulas are at the heart of every product BareMinerals brings out and I wouldn’t change now.

Read more about their ethos and production here.

When I was on my journey with the London Real Skin Clinic, I remember the dermatologist singing Bare Minerals praises when it came to make up preferences – so I took that as double confirmation I was making a good choice.

Here’s what is in my travel make up bag:

  • BM combo control – face primer
  • BM complexion rescue – every day tinted hydrating cream with SPF30
  • BM original powder foundations – extra coverage when i need it on top of the tinted moisturiser!
  • BM bareskin concealer – cya jetlag
  • BM powder bronzer – define those cheek bones
  • Kiehl’s Butterstick lip treatment – the best lipbalm ever, so hydrating and SPF 25
  • BarryM liquid chrome highlighter – swear to god it’s the best thing for some proper highlighting action
  • BM lash domination mascara – for the longer trips where my eyelash extensions need some help
  • Tweezers, a spooly and a Rimmel brow pencil
  • My skincare and make up favourites when travelling
  • My skincare and make up favourites when travelling
  • My skincare and make up favourites when travelling
  • My skincare and make up favourites when travelling

What are your go to products when travelling?

Love as always + happy adventuring,


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