Bamboo toothbrushes

  • CLEAN TEETH ABOVE ALL – PREMIUM MEDIUM FIRM BRISTLES – My challenge was to make a comfortable toothbrush that cleaned your teeth as well as your plastic toothbrush. The superior quality BPA-Free Dupont Nylon Medium soft bristles are gentle on your teeth and gums not to cause enamel damage and avoid bleeding, but strong enough to remove all the plaque. Each box contains 4 individual toothbrushes, differentiated by their bristle colour, to ensure no more confusion around who owns which brush.
  • TAKE A SMALL STEP EVERY DAY – MADE FROM NATURAL AND SUSTAINABLE BAMBOOS – My bamboo handles are from the finest Anji bamboo forests in China, close to our toothbrush factory, reducing useless transport. I love bamboo as it is a fast-growing resource, it reaches maturity in 5 years, needing little water & no pesticides. This is exactly the type of natural resource we need to use more to prepare for the future.
  • DRIVEN BY A PURPOSE – SAVE THE PLANET, ONE STEP AT A TIME – With My Green Vibes, I wanted to offer concrete solutions to help you through your eco-friendly journey, while juggling between career, healthy eating, friends & family. And it is not always easy! Toothbrush appeared to me as a 1st easy step, as you don’t have to change a lot in your every-day routine. Whenever possible, plastics and non-biodegradable materials were replaced with bamboo or recyclable cardboard packaging.
  • BUY 1 PACK OF 4, CLEAR 4 PIECES OF PLASTIC – You do even more good today! As for every toothbrush you buy, one plastic item is cleaned from the oceans. So in 1 box, 4 pieces of plastic will be taken out from the ocean thanks to you.


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