Be here

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What’s included?

One physical copy of the Be Here wall print, delivered to you.

Size: 30cm X 40cm

Note: Frame is not included.

A note from Mollie…

‘It’s a love-hate relationship. Technology has been the core reason that some of the most incredible opportunities and friendships that have come my way and of course it’s an incredible driver for huge forces of social change, medical advancements and more.

But at the same time technology has a lot to answer for when it comes to relationships and our ability to form and maintain them.

We aren’t communicating as much in person as we used to, many struggle to keep eye contact. In some ways, I think we are losing the ability to do what once came naturally to us. It’s becoming more apparent to date online, to ‘pie a date over text’, to lose sleep over scrolling, to resort to a phone in awkward situations and to be addicted to our phones.

I imagined this print to be in the kitchen, in the dining room or above your bed. Places of intimacy, of community and that speak love, in hope that together we can bring down the barriers and reconnect.’

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1 review for Be here

  1. Pragyan

    Awesome Message …. Ssly, we need to stay away from the Phone for a while every day. The social world is eating us up !!!

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