Inner peace

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What’s included?

One physical copy of the Inner Peace wall print, delivered to you.

Size: 30cm X 40cm

Note: Frame is not included.

A note from Mollie…

‘This design was inspired by the shift I felt a few months into 2019. Feeling spoilt with incredible work opportunity I fell victim to ‘yes’ and committed to an incredibly relentless work and travel schedule. Come the end of March, I’d only been home in the UK for 2 days of 2019. I was exhausted, lifeless and as fortunate as I felt for the opportunities and for the pay checks, it didn’t feel worth it. Not one bit.

This quote reminds me of the fine line between being busy and being too busy. For whats the point in having a healthy bank balance if you don’t have a healthy body or healthy relationships around you.

I hope for this print to be a subtle reminder, every day, that keeping up with the relentless pace of the city or of the people around you is not essential. It doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing. Focus on your own flow.

You have to find peace in your life at a level of work that suits you. Otherwise, quite frankly, it’s too expensive a risk to make.’

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