Traditional Japanese Tea Pot

  • CAST IRON BREWING: One of the most common materials when crafting teapots, cast iron is beneficial due to the way it evenly absorbs heat. The gradual and even heating from the cast iron infuses the greatest amount of flavor from the tea leaves into the water. Not only does this strengthen the flavor of the tea, but any positive nutrients the leaves contain are also infused into the water. Cast iron also retains heat much better than any other material. It retains the pure taste of the tea.
  • MASTERFUL DESIGN: In addition to its excellent heat retention, our Cast Iron Teapot features a fully enameled interior, Undergone two layers enamel coating and high temperature burring that makes cleaning easier, helps to prevent the build-up of rust and oxidation. Enamels has numerous fine pore through the pot, so the tea pots iron ion could be derived by thermal conduction. It includes a stainless steel infuser that ensures it will not alter or detract from the taste of your brew.
  • BE HEALTHY: Compared to porcelain, glass teapot, cast iron teapot is more thick, solid, heavy duty. Cast iron kettle could help people ABSORB abundant Fe2 to PREVENT ANEMIA; The TASTE of water (iron tea pot boiled) is SWEET and SOFT; UNIFORM HEAT UNIFORM bottom and sides of pot enhance the water BOILING POINT temperature ARRIVED to 100℃, also long HEAT PRESERVATION stimulated the aroma of tea. Tea kettle could not only BOILING WATER but also MAKING TEA like red,green tea, coffee and beverage.
  • BEAUTIFUL AESTHETIC: Professionally crafted with a bold, black, Japanese aesthetic that symbolizes strength and beauty, the Velaze Cast Iron Teapot is as much decoration, centerpiece, and conversation starter as it is a superior brewing device. Japanese Tea pots with Simplicity and purity design is not only could be used for TEA DRINKING, and a great DECOR in home and kitchen for COLLECTION,Also a best gift choice for tea loves on Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.
  • USE AND CARE: Cast iron teapot is professionally crafted by skilled craftsmen. Quality is the life of our teapot. To use, add loose or bagged tea into the infuser and insert it into the teapot. Slowly pour hot water over the tea and allow it to steep to 3-5 minutes, and enjoy. To clean, do not use any dish washing detergent. Instead, use only clean water. Do not leave tea or water in the pot for longer than an hour, and dry thoroughly after each use. Not dishwasher safe.


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