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Are you looking for a platform to showcase your passion for travel/photography/adventure on?

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The Global Travellers travel blog receives 260,000+ page views per month with 85,000+ UMV located across the globe (primarily in the UK, US and Australia) and is an epic platform to share your travel tips on whilst exposing your personal travel blog or social media profile.

As the Global Travellers Facebook group has shown, we are not the only ones with useful tips and travel recommendations. We are not the only ones hungry for travel, adventure and discovering gorgeous new corners of Mother Earth.

This is your invitation to join us on this journey and to share your wanderlust with the world.

Guest submission guidelines and notes:

  • Original content  (copy is not to be duplicated from another website or publication)
  • Must be able to provide original imagery for the post (min. 7 high-res images to support the content)
  • Must contain useful, relevant and informative tips about the destination
  •  Post length should be 800-2000 words.

At Global Travellers, we pride ourselves on high quality, informative and reliable content. Our motto is ‘spend less, adventure more’. We want to make the beauty of Pachamama accessible for everyone. We will be referring to these themes when reviewing your submission.

The content we are looking for:

solo travel guides

budget-friendly tips and experiences

backpacker-friendly guides

road trip itineraries

destination itineraries

country/city travel guides


The destinations we are looking for:

Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Oceania, Asia.


Be sure to check whether your article has already been covered via our destination page.

If you are unsure or have a topic / experience that you feel passionate about sharing, we are all ears. Let us know!

At this stage, the guest posts submissions are unpaid but you will receive a do-follow link from the article directly to your personal website / social profile to help drive traffic and boost rankings. Your article will also be featured on our Instagram and Facebook pages as well as our monthly newsletter.

If you’re interested in a paid role, opportunities will be posted on this page. We will always scout talent from the submissions as this is how we see your work best in action.

Submit your article today!

Note: At this stage, you are only submitting your article titles. Once you receive an email notifying you of a successful title application, you will have the green light to write the post. (We wouldn’t want you to write up a whole article if the title doesn’t suit the Global Travellers values).

*If your article is successful in the application process you will be notified by email.

Please be patient in awaiting a response from us. We are receiving a high number of emails.