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Sunsail - Day 1 (Paleo Trikeri Island) + Day 2 (Khondri Ammos BBQ bay)

Updated On 25th June, 2018

Day 1 sailing (Day 2 of holiday).
I’ll try leave the pictures to do the talking…

Eyeing up our first lunch spot, a teeny weeny tiny island…

Off to have a little nosey on the canoe…
…before taking a dip and heading back to the boat for lunch.
We had stocked up the boat with a variety of cheeses bread and fruits, so we sat on the back of the boat nibbling on pieces of feta cheese (my fav), slices of fresh tomato, bread and the Greek cuisine that is Tsatsiki (yum) whilst looking out to this peaceful paradise.
I know i have been fortunate enough to visit many a paradise this year, but this was so different. We were sailing on a very quiet route, so their was no background noise whatsoever- barre the sound of the waves breaking against the boat.
It literally felt like we were the only ones for miles, so so relaxing…
After filling my tummy with yummy food, I had my first ever sail 🙂
I was sure to put on my serious face, wouldn’t want to rein-act the scene from Step Brothers now would we. 
(If you haven’t watched that film, WHY NOT.)
First time i’ve ever used and understood the existence of a compass…
How beautiful is this view from the front of the boat?!
Luckily there were no disasters and at about 4pm we arrived at the beautiful Paleo Trikeri Island. 
The island is about 1.7km long and is home to a permanent population of less than 50.
See what i mean about quiet! There’s more than 50 people living in my street alone back home!
No tourism, no road noise, one little shop a few little tavernas. 
To think these places exist- so far from the business at home.                       
Desperately needing to be cooled down we headed to the little lonely shop for an ice cream…
We fancied a little walk.
We followed the only path we could find for about 10 minutes and ended up at the top of the island where there was a monastery.
‘The nineteenth century monastery of Evangelistrias’
We walked in to the courtyard where we were greeted by two Monks.
Well, if you can call being stared at and followed by our every move, a greeting then yes, we were greeted.
Attempting and failing to find a common ground between the Greek and English language we gave up, smiled and exited the premises.

Being such a small island, that was the limit for todays exploring and so we headed back down to the beautiful little village…

I would LOVE a holiday home here. 
The sea front was filled with little cottages dressed in blue and white wooden frames with stunning views over the harbour.

Heaven. Best keep saving the pennies…

We headed to one of the 2 tavernas for a bite to eat, before hitting the hay after a long hard day sunbathing eating and exploring. 
I was initially worried about sleeping on a boat, because of the waves? But we anchor up every evening and the waters are so sheltered and calm that you forget you are on a boat…
…until you wake up and peer out at the crystal clear waters that are surrounding you. 🙂
Day 2 (Day 3 sailing)

I won’t bore you with the daily routine again, but if you missed the first post A day in the life then it pretty much consists of sleeping, sunbathing, swimming, snorkelling and eating.
So, sunday night we moored at a little bay called Khondri Ammos.
This isn’t a harbour and so, along with the rest of the flotilla, had to raft our boats together for the night.
First things first. It was that time.
The Wimbledon final was on back home and we had by now already missed an hour.
One of the boats had bought a radio with them so we anxiously waited for them to tune in, hopped skipped and jumped across all the boats to gather round and await the result.

The radio chose some brilliant points to cut out.
One being when Murray had 3 championship points.
And the other when Murray took the point to claim the title.

It was a tense half an hour as we scrambled around trying to get the radio working but it didnt even matter that we had missed it!

After a celebratory dive into the shallow blue waters of the bay, we all chatted Murray talk and had the whole ‘proud to be british’ half an hour.

But we were soon back in our little sailing bubble.

No shops, no restaurants, no bars.
8 boats of hungry sailors.
1 beautiful beach.

Only one answer for it… Beach BBQ!

We hopped into our mini boat and rowed across the shallow waters to reach the beach…

Tied it up off of the shore and headed up the beach.
We congregated with some fruit punch in a plastic cup and mingled awkwardly with the other boat parties (like that of a year 6 disco).
Only joking, every one was really friendly and the world proved it’s smallness as we spoke to a family that lives 5 minutes from us back home.
We were given some paints and from the variety of stones we each chose one and created our own little memory stone…
Some of us taking it more seriously than others…
Even though the BBQ was being served and everyone was eating i still continued with the task in hand…
There wasn’t really much i could create with just 4 colours, and yes, i know, the sea isn’t green. But there was no blue okay!
Anyway, i like it 🙂
Na’s mini masterpiece 🙂
Must be all that punch…
We then retired closer to the sea front, gathered some wood and created a fire.
Just like in the movies.
We played a few campfire games, told a few awful jokes and lay underneath a blanket of stars until we had just enough energy to row ourselves back to our boats.

To rely only on the nature around you for food and warmth, and the company of your friends for a perfect evening was so refreshing. So very different from live back at home. 🙂 
Day 3, 4, 5 and 6 still to come!




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