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Sunsail - Day 3 - Lunch (Tsougria Island) Harbour (Skopelos, Mamma Mia Island)

Updated On 25th June, 2018

This actually has to be one of my favourite moments from the holiday.
Making a bowl of bran flakes with chopped up nectarine, covered in greek yoghurt and venturing up onto the deck. I had risen surprisingly early and so the other boats were wonderfully peaceful, plus we were in a deserted bay so it was literally me and the world… and my breakfast.
The sun was just starting to warm up on my back but there was a gentle breeze that kept me cool whilst i tucked into my breakfast.

Not every morning do you look at this view when your munching your cereal hey…
All energised and lotioned up it was time to set sail again to our next destination. 
Our evening ports are always pre mapped out, so we know where to end up, you are just given the freedom to get there however you like and stop wherever you like along the way…

Before you know it it’s time to eye up a lunch stop…

With white beaches and blue waters everywhere you look its not really a hard decision, but this one looked particularly appealing and it is always even more so when it isn’t packed with tourists…

Off we went on our little boat to the shores to explore!

Our home in all it’s beauty…

…and Na in hers 🙂

The pretty waters glistening in the sunshine 🙂

As beautiful and peaceful as it is, stand on a Sea Urchin and it’s a different matter altogether… 
(all the black spikey things you can see below)
When i was in Thailand with Leanne, she happened to stand on one and it left some of its ‘black spike’ in her foot, it got infected and she had to go to hospital to get it removed. There are horror stories online if you go looking but basically, it’s best to avoid them as best you can!
I’d never actually seen one before until now.
They are actually surprisingly sharp, like a hundred pins just sticking out of them…
Who on earth invented THESE!!
I decided to hop skip and jump in to the sea to cool down, waters this beautiful are hard to resist, even if they are full of sea urchins…

I haven’t got the best track record for injuries and animal bites, and so i tried my best to watch my step and be as cautious as i possibly could to avoid trouble…

…but trouble ALWAYS finds me.

I stood on a sea urchin.

Typical. Luckily it just caught the side of my foot and they haden’t dived too deep under my skin. Making sure I removed all of the ‘black spikes’ I removed myself from the water, reverted to my 5 years old self and sulked for a good 5 minutes. 

I soon snapped out of it and we headed back to the boat for some lunch.

Didn’t know there were whales in Greece?

And after the yummy lunch (I said i wouldn’t be repetitive with food photos) we headed back out to sea…
Even with the cool breeze it was rather warm…
Glossa Port, Skopelos.
Our home for the evening.
I was so excited about arriving here because it’s where the Mamma Mia film was shot.
We headed up to the harbour cafe for a refreshment (and to use the wifi of course) and looked out over the harbour in the glorious sunshine.

We then hopped in a taxi to the other side of the island to the ‘set’. Unfortunately, films do give you high expectations of life and i was once again reminded that it is never like it is in the movies. 
Whilst the church on the mountain was infact there (and beautiful it was) we came to find the hotel that it was filmed in is in fact on another island. As are many of the beaches etc. Cleverly, technology has got the better of us again and just made it all seem like one perfect location.
HOWEVER, not distracting from the moment we headed up the 200+ steps to the church.
One rule, we have to sing Mamma Mia songs all the way up to the top!
…But i think i was on my own on that one.

Sweltering in the heat we all intended to look graceful as we reached the top, but instead flaked out all over the place.

The church 🙂
Snap happy moment… what a beautiful view.
Well worth the climb.
Kind of dreamy, perfect place to get married.
Although post vows, its a bit too high to cliff jump and cool off!

Myself and Na having a moment 🙂
gif maker
We saw the taxi pull up at the bottom of the steps awaiting our return. We scrambled around, grabbed our cameras and phone and headed down…
…some deciding not to use the steps provided…

 … but with this dress on i think the steps were for the best.

 I had heard a lot of the film was computerised, so i wasn’t too disappointed by the shattering of my Mamma Mia dream. It was beautiful anyhow and it’s somewhere i can tick off – having always wanted to come here. 🙂

We headed back to the port, showered on the boat, freshened up and headed out for something to eat 🙂

Another beautiful day in paradise…





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