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Sunsail - Day 4 - Freesail (Mystery Bay). Day 5 - (Pighadi). Day 6- Back to Base (Sunsail Regatta)

Updated On 25th June, 2018

Day 4 of our sailing experience with Sunsail and it was time to freesail.
If sailing across a big beautiful blue ocean wasn’t freeing enough, this evening we were set free to explore and discover our own destination to harbour for the night.

Now i would love to tell you the name of this island we sailed to, but to be honest with you i cannot actually remember and it wasn’t on the preset itinerary for the week so i cannot find out.
I’ll call it…um… ‘Mystery bay’.
If you somehow know where this is, please do let me know!
We were feeling quite pleased with ourselves having found a beautifully quiet bay. All that was in sight was 3 beach tavernas and a couple of people lazed on loungers along the sandy beach which hugged the bay.
We luckily found a spot at the little harbour and moored up, kind of waiting to be told to leave or pay a fee. But noone was to be seen?

Didn’t take long for George to dive in…

Out came the snorkels and masks…
And then the fish were treated to a late afternoon snack.

We headed down to the little village to see what was going on. I love how the pathway wriggles between the rocks and is sealed as part of the cliff that remains. Although it’s obviously man made, it felt particularly authentic and added to the unspoilt nature of this spot.

George couldn’t resist throwing a few shapes…

We freshened up with a Calippo and Naomi and I headed beyond the beach to explore.
What i love about it here is the sun is ALWAYS shining, (so far anyway) and yet it’s still so green and flowery (technical terms i know).
It creates such beautiful shadows across the paving and the beach and makes it that much prettier.

The colours of the flowers are so beautiful and perfectly compliment the pale buildings and pastel blue skies.
I’ve had to only choose a couple of photos to share because I get a bit carried away when i see all these colours and i took SO many!

Thats me sorted for the afternoon 🙂

Just look at that view!

Has to be my favourite picture from the whole holiday 🙂

Me snapping away 🙂

Before we knew it the day was drawing to a close, my memory card was filling up was too fast and it was time to freshen up and get something to eat 🙂 
Heart ice creams for pudding to finish off another beautiful day.

Day 5. 
Pighadi, Greece.
After leaving our beautiful Mystery Bay and having another day out at sea we harboured at Pighadi.
This was to be our last stop before we headed back to base and finished off our week’s sailing.
We saw our first couple of clouds in the sky, but at this point we were actually quite thankful for the breath of fresh air. 

We arrived late afternoon and as part of the Sunsail flotilla holiday, each boat was assigned a task of creating a cocktail to present at 7pm on the harbour front.
The areas of judging were: Taste, Presentation + Flammability.
We, had forgotten about this, and so had to pull something out of the bag..quick.
My creative side was drawn upon and i peeled an orange and cut out some hearts and anchors for decoration. Naomi grabbed a couple of toothpicks from the local taverna, picked a couple of flowers and whipped up a little pretty arrangement which stuck into a cork to float on the drink.

And voila!
Actually pretty impressed by our efforts?
(You don’t want to know what it tasted like).
Group photo 🙂

DAY 6.
Back to base – The Sunsail Regatta.

As the sun rose on yet another glorious day, we set off and sailed alongside all the other boats to the same lunch spot for our last days sailing.

It was the moment we had all been secretly waiting for.
The moment all the boats went head to head and raced back to the base.
We had a team talk over a quick lunch and discussed winning tactics…
As soon as we were given a 5 minute warning, every single one of our competitive sides kicked in.
Anchors up…
And we were OFF!
Naomi’s dad is a sailor and so had our race tactics fully planned out. 
Staying towards the back to begin with…
Watching everyone else’s speed…
And then all systems GO
Martin threw the orders…
The boys took them…

And yup, thats me on the left… watching.
(And taking photos of course)

We powered through, took everyones wind and came head to head with another 2 boats as we approached the finish line…

I have to admit i get extremely competitive and I joined in with the craziness. Everyone cheering their own boat on and frantically clapping their hands (as if that was going to speed us up).

Here’s a shot taken of us from behind, yes behind.
We sailed through the finish line (literally) and whipped the rest of the flotilla!

Wahooooo! Winners!

That was us smug for the rest of the evening, feeling well and truly satisfied with ourselves.
What a perfect end to an amazing week.
So different from any other holiday i’ve been on i can safely say i would 100% go on a sailing holiday again.
If you don’t have a sailing license you can hire a skipper to come with you and do the sailing for you.
You can also apply for a season working on the yachts if you fancy something different.
Check out the website for more information.
Another sailing company i’m itching to book with is The Yacht Week. If you manage to beat me to it and fancy a once in a lifetime holiday check it out! All you have to do is grab a bunch of friends, a couple of bikinis and a camera…





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