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10 reasons to book The Yacht Week

Are you thinking about booking your The Yacht Week holiday very soon?

Have you read my ‘The Yacht Week Uncovered post’? If not, quickly, click here and read it.

10 reasons The Yacht Week should be the trip you book next year

Croatia is the original route for The Yacht Week, and the only one I’ve been on so far. The famous sailing holiday also runs in Greece, Montenegro, the BVIs and more destinations.

All The Yacht Week routes focus on different aspects, be it sailing, exploring, relaxing or partying. They run at different paces too, so you can decide what type of holiday you want.

Croatia is known to be one of the crazier routes and is definitely one of the biggest routes – particularly the Ultra route (combining a sailing holiday with Ultra festival) where the route accommodates over 100 boats!

So… providing you love people (interacting with them), a few drinks, sunsets, beautiful places and, being on water obviously…

Here’s why I think The Yacht Week is your next best move:

1. It will be the best thing you ever do

Simple as. Honestly. Okay okay, I’ll get specific…

2. Release your social butterfly

Perhaps you have a job secluded behind a computer screen, maybe you work from home or you just don’t get to socialise as much as you’d like to. The Yacht Week guarantees the biggest injection of socialising you could ever want into your life.

A guide to the yacht week
A guide to the yacht week

3. Plenty of LOLS

Sailing in a group of up to 700 (and sometimes more) people means that there will be some sensible ones, some boundary pushers and as always… some absolute idiots. The Yacht Week guarantees banter and a serious workout for your tummy muscles.

Make sure you get the best balance of having plenty of fun, without being one of those absolute idiots!

4. The best venues

Not only are you having the absolute time of your life with the best people you’ll ever come across, but all in the surroundings of beautiful new corners of the world.  The Yacht Week hires out only the most epic venues for the parties.

It really is such a shame that The Yacht Week is only a week. 

It won’t seem long enough, but at least I can guarantee you won’t get bored.

10 reasons The Yacht Week should be the trip you book next year
10 reasons The Yacht Week should be the trip you book next year

5. You’ll realise what life is really about

It’s only when you burst the bubble you get so comfortable in at home, that you realise how much there is out there to experience.

The simple concept of friends, a few drinks, a positive attitude and a willingness to leave problems at home is all it takes to have an epic week.

It’s hard to not take that back home with you.

6. Discover but without moving a limb

Most boats will choose to hire a skipper (at an additional cost) to do, and organise the majority of the sailing aspect… after all you are on holiday.

With a skipper you don’t have to be up at a certain time to leave for the next island, and you don’t have to worry about falling asleep on the job.

Just lay back and enjoy…

7. Create special bonds & memories no one will understand

You know when ‘you had to be there to get it’?

When attempting to tell family and friends what The Yacht Week was like and what you did, there will be many moments where words will fail you.

You simply cannot put The Yacht Week into words.

10 reasons The Yacht Week should be the trip you book next year
10 reasons The Yacht Week should be the trip you book next year

8. 9th wonder of the world?

Whether you love it or hate it, I genuinely believe The Yacht Week is something everyone should experience.

There was a moment after 4 days of drinking and partying that my body hit exhaustion and my relationship with vodka hit the rocks. But, that was soon a distant memory and I would do it again 10 times over.

And, you don’t have to drink loads to enjoy it! Be yourself.

9. You’ll have new homes all over the world

Everyone on The Yacht Week is an equal.

Everyone simply wants to have fun and you’ll make as many best friends as you’re willing to have.

The exact same thing that led you to book The Yacht Week will be lying dormant in everyone you meet – a common ground through which you all connect.

Post Yacht Week, everyone will welcome you to stay at their homes in hope that you meet again. Before you get a chance to forget where they live… they will already be your Facebook friend sharing the photos.

A guide to the yacht week
10 reasons The Yacht Week should be the trip you book next year

10. Just let go

The Yacht Week really is the definition of letting go.

Leave stress, work, time-keeping and routine at home. Embrace the weather, the culture and the relaxed lifestyle.

If you don’t have the time to backpack but feel that you’d love to, The Yacht Week, for me, is everything I love about backpacking in one intense week.


Watch my holiday with The Yacht Week come to life here…

To get more information, check out The Yacht Week website here.

Have you been on holiday with The Yacht Week?

Which route did you take? I’d love to know!

Love as always + happy adventuring,






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