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New Moon Journal Prompts for 2022

Updated On 9th March, 2024

11 new moon journal prompts and ritual

Hello new moon. It’s lovely to see you again. If you’ve arrived here and are looking for some guidance on how to use the energy of this New Moon to step intuitively into the next phase of your life as the moon moves into hers, you’re in the right place. In this post, I’m going to guide you through a list of new moon journal prompts, new moon reflections and the new moon ritual I like to do each month.

These are new moon journal prompts that you can do every month but of course, if you’re looking to dive a little deeper (look at you getting cyclical), you can research what sign the new moon is in to see exactly what it’s illuminating and tailor your prompts accordingly. 

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If you’re just looking for a few quick journal prompts today, let’s dive in!

If this is your first new moon ritual, that’s totally okay too. FYI, there is a new moon every month. Well, every 29.5 days to be exact.

The Moon takes 27.3 days to orbit Earth, but the lunar phase cycle (from new Moon to new Moon) is 29.5 days.


New moon dates for 2022…

Note: These dates are for the UK. New moons occur at different times depending on your location, you can research online for the exact time and date of the new moon where you are…

  • January 2nd at 18:33
  • February 1st at 05:46
  • March 2nd at 17:34
  • April 1st at 07:24
  • April 30th at 21:28 (black moon – the second new moon in a calendar month) 
  • May 30th at 12:30
  • June 29th at 03:52
  • July 28th at 18:54
  • August 27th at 09:17
  • September 25th 22:54
  • October 25th at 11:58
  • November 23th at 22:57
  • December 23rd at 10:16

So what happens at the new moon?

The moon has eight phases and the new moon is the first of them. The new moon is considered the dark moon phase in all senses. In the sky, it’s the moment where the Moon and Sun have the same ‘ecliptic longitude’ meaning the moons shadow side faces us and we cannot ‘see’ the moon.

The new moon represents the beginning of a new cycle whereas the full moon (5th phase) represents a clearing and release.

Very often in the lead up to a new moon, we will feel the darkness within our own energy too. We may feel lethargic, have a desire to go internal and we may be needing a little extra time by ourselves to centre and nourish.

When the new moon arrives, it is a perfect time to acknowledge goals. A new moon is a perfect time to write a to-do list and brainstorm some of your wildest visions. It’s a time to consider new projects, to bring clarity to your heart’s intentions and to bring ideas into your consciousness.

The new moon is a time to sew the seeds, to start afresh and to plant the seeds of your future.

When the new moon comes around, it’s a perfect time to dig out your journal and get writing.

Journaling is a wonderful way to check in with yourself and really validate everything you’ve been through and everything you’d like to manifest.

If you’re completely new to journaling, see my beginner’s guide to journaling here. If you’re looking for some other wellbeing ideas and practices click here.

With these new moon journal prompts you will create a dedicated space in which you can:

  • put your ideas out to the universe
  • dream big
  • create actions towards your goals
  • think about how you’d like the next month to look
  • embrace the potent energy of a new moon
  • manifest your soul’s purpose

These are just a few of the themes we will work through in these new moon journal prompts.

Note: 48 hours after a new moon phase begins is considered the most powerful time to practise this full moon ritual.

To get started you will need:

  • a journal / paper
  • a pen
  • a comfortable space to sit / lie down
  • a cup of tea / your favourite cosy drink

I always like to create/be in a calm and cosy space when I’m journaling. Consider heading into nature for a walk and doing your journaling on a bench by the ocean / in the forest / in the fresh air. If you’re journaling at home, light a candle / some incense or pop on your diffuser.

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P.s. If you’re looking to dive in deeper to the phases of the moon on a more frequent basis, my favourite moon angels to follow on Instagram are @tarraleerullo and @kirsty_gallagher_.


New Moon Journal Prompts for 2021

New Moon Journal Prompts and ritual for 2022…

1. Begin your journaling session by taking 7-10 deep inhales and exhales​

Take a minute or two to really centre yourself before you begin journaling. Leave the energy of your day behind and release all that you don’t wish to carry into this new moon ritual with you.

By breathing in through your nose you activate your parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) and you signal to your body that it’s time to slow down, relax and restore your energy.

This is a beautiful and powerful place to journal from.

2. In the next month I would like to bring more **** into my life.​

Fill in the gap. What would you like to bring more of into your life this month?

What do you feel like you’re lacking in, what energy would you like to draw in?

3. This month I hope that…

What do you hope for this month? What are you hoping happens? What are you hoping appears? What are you hoping the universe brings you?

4. This month I am going to **** the people around me

Fill in the blank and expand your thoughts…

What effect do the people around you have on your mood? Your energy? Are you choosing your company? Are you aligning with your company?

What effect do you have on them? What do you bring to the friendships and relationships in your life? What would you like to work on? What would you like to bring more of into the friendships and relationships around you?

5. This month I need…​

What do you need this month?

What boundaries are you setting for yourself? What boundaries are you putting in between yourself and the people around you? How are you protecting yourself? 

Ask the universe for what you need at this full moon and stand in your power.

6. My wildest dream on this earth is to…

Give yourself permission to write down on paper right now, the biggest and wildest dream that you have inside of you. It doesn’t matter how unobtainable it feels or seems, write it down.

Don’t hold back. Release the fear, the expectation, the judgement. What is your wildest dream?

7. 3 actions that will start me on a journey towards my dream…

Often when we look at the distance between where we are now and our wildest dreams, the journey can feel intimidating. I encourage you to not compare where you are now to where you dream yourself to be.

Let your dream inspire just your next few steps in that direction for now. Don’t look up at the staircase, focus on the step in front of you and give it everything you have.

What little steps can you take this month to move in the direction of your dream?

Is there an email you need to send? A conversation to have? A course you’d like to enrol on? A routine you need to adhere to?

Take some time to write some actionable steps to move you on your way.

8. As I move towards my dream and imagine my dream coming true I feel…

Write down the words that come to your mind when you think about moving towards and reaching that dream of yours.

How does it make you feel? What words come to mind?

If you’re not feeling much, take a few deep breaths and read your dream again. If it’s not aligning with you or you have a bigger one that maybe you’ve denied yourself… write down another dream. There are no limits to the dreams you can have.

Just so long as you’re honest with yourself and you give yourself permission to believe it is possible. You don’t need to know how or when it will happen, you just need to think about what your dream is…

9. Choose your wildest dream and close your eyes. Imagine it to be true.

If you wrote down more than one dream, it’s time to choose one. The wildest one. The one you’re drawn to most…

Now close your eyes and place your hands on your heart. Imagine that dream coming to life.

What does it feel like? What does it look like? Who’s there? What’s the weather like? What are you wearing? What can you hear? What can you smell?

Our bodies are objective and cannot tell the difference between the thoughts of something happening and the reality of something happening. The reactions within the body are the same if you truly tune your thoughts and visions into that dream.

The power then lies in the fact you have consciously raised your vibrations to the frequency of your dream and when you continue to vibrate at this frequency, your dreams and the steps to take will begin to move effortlessly into your life.

10. Write down this new moon affirmation (or one of your own) and say it out loud

‘I am stepping into a new chapter of my life now. I am ready to release all my fears, limitations and beliefs that no longer serve me so that I can step into my power and step into my dreams for the future. I am capable of becoming anything I dream to be. I simply must begin by believing it.’

11. Close your new moon ritual with a meditation/breathwork exercise

You’ve done some powerful work here. It’s time to finish your new moon ritual by integrating and sitting with everything you’ve journaled in this session.

This is a perfect time to meditate, put on a guided breathwork practice or to simply take a few deep, long breaths as we did at the beginning of this practice.

Thank you for joining me!


New Moon Journal Prompts for 2021

Are there any other new moon journal prompts that you use?

We’d love to hear your ideas to enhance our new moon journal prompts and new moon rituals.

Love as always and happy adventuring,


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New Moon Journal Prompts for 2022
New Moon Journal Prompts for 2022New Moon Journal Prompts for 2022New Moon Journal Prompts for 2022




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