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Borough Market + WokIt Noodles - Being a tourist in my own city...

Updated On 3rd January, 2020

Before I begin, I just want to let you know that even though I have landed back in the UK now, the Australian Adventure is far from over (on my blog). 

Cut a long story short, my worst nightmare came true. 
My laptop crashed on my last day in Australia, the harddrive basically failed before I backed it up and i have currently lost ALL MY FILES (photos and videos).
Apple hold no responsibility for this and my laptop is currently with an independent company who are trying to retrieve my files / my life. It’s been 3 days and i’m waiting for that phone call, so please can we all keep our fingers TIGHTLY crossed.
Anyway… what happens when we feel sad? WE EAT.

Cue a foodie blog post…

Reluctant to finish the adventures upon arrival back in the UK I messaged my friend Tilly (Twice The Health) and she insisted we had a day out to cure my travelling blues.
There is nothing I love more than being a tourist in my own city, and the great thing about London? 
You can never run out of things to do.
So on Saturday we headed to Borough Market for the first time to see what was going down.

Despite the freezing temperature, the sun was out and London was looking as beautiful as I remembered it.
Making sure we wrapped up warm, we hopped on the tube to London Bridge (Northern and Jubilee line) grabbed a cup of Hot Spiced Chai and let the scent of a million foods lure us through the gates…
(literally the market is right outside London Bridge tube station).

Borough market is ‘Londons most renowned food market’- heaven for any food lover, smell lover, sugar addict or culture lover.

As you roam through the hustle and bustle of market stalls, you’ll find yourself inundated (happily) with tasters and samples of all the glorious food on offer.

(So basically you can come for your lunch).

From tea…

 to Cheese…

 to coconut pancakes…
 to freshly baked breads…
 to brownies, smoothies, chutneys, granolas, pad thai, sausage rolls and our FAVOURITE…
Honey Cinnamon Cashews… they have it all covered.
(I highly recommend you try these beauties if / WHEN you come here.)
You may have noticed the sign says ‘Only take 1 sample please’.
As you also may know, I never do what I’m told.

So we grabbed a handful, flashed them a sweet smile and walked away.

The plan was to look around the market before heading for some lunch but we were quickly filling up on tasters and so had to DRAG ourselves away before our plan hit the fan.
But we really didn’t make it very far before we smelt more goodness and were lured into yet another food outlet.
Introducing my new found love… WOK IT.
Automatically when i read menus my eyes will be searching for two things: sweet potato & goats cheese.
Even if I sway for a moment – 95% of the time – I am sold on that option.
So when i saw the sweet potato and buckwheat noodles on the menu, it was love at first sight, and we both surrendered to the order point where the lovely owner Richard greeted us.

The deal is: 
You choose your base (noodles / rice),
Choose your mix / protein, 
Add your choice of vegetables,
Pick your sauce 
& then it is then all freshly ‘wokked’ for you in front of your eyes.
I love nothing more than fresh ingredients and a truly indulgent meal that doesn’t leave you feeling guilty and diet desperate afterwards.
I went for the Sweet potato and buckwheat noodles with Salmon, brocolli, veggies and the Teriyaki Sauce.
Tilly went for the Courgette noodles with chicken, pak choi and brocolli mixed in the Miso – coriander sauce.

Apart from a couple of photo breaks, we both went completely silent after the first mouthful hit our lips.
The pots are so perfectly sized to fill you up but not stuff you, and the flavours are so crisp and fresh that you can’t stop until you’ve eaten the whole thing.
I mean Tilly couldn’t even control herself to not drink the miso remains at the bottom…

Wok It is still considered in Borough Market but is located just outside as you exit the market stall area.
It has only been open a few months so make sure you go down and not only show your support – but treat yourself to a yummy wholesome lunch!
I promise you won’t regret it!
(They are open every day but Sunday).

You know, you don’t have to be on the otherside of the world to go on an adventure and try something new. Sometimes adventure is right on your doorstep…  
Borough market is perfect for an aimless wander, a catch up with a friend or simple to source some amazing local produce.
So if you’d like to head down to Borough Market (which I already know you will) then you can head to their website here: 
to check out opening times, location etc etc etc.
Remember: Try the Honey cinnamon cashews.
(Pick some up for me too please.)
Thank you for reading, lots of love…
Mollie xxxx
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