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Fraser Island with Cool Dingo - Part 2

Updated On 26th April, 2020

Day 2 of our Fraser adventure begun pretty early.
We all rolled to the Dingo bar around 7am for some breakfast before jumping straight on the Pink Wagon and heading out for round 2 of adventures.
We hopped straight out onto the motorway (the beach incase you haven’t read Fraser – Part 1) for a 45 minute journey North along the famous 75 miles beach
Half way along we got the added option of a scenic flight over Fraser to get the full impact of the contrasting terrains and to see the sand dunes from above.
The flights were $75 Aus Dollars (around £40) and well… it was nearly Christmas and we didn’t want another case of FOMO did we?
So we went with the spontaneous decision of ‘yes’ and hopped on a flight, agreeing for it to be a mini christmas present to each other…
As well as the beach operating the motorway, it also operates the runways for the planes.
Infact there are only 2 places in the world that you can commercially take off and land on the beach.
Fraser island & somewhere in Scotland.
As you ascend up into the sky, the long and thin layout is immediately striking and like nothing you’ve seen before.
It’s a completely sand island.
I mean – i find it so so amazing how all this has grown and formed.
If you some spare time, i highly recommend looking up how Fraser Island was formed 🙂

Butterfly lake from the plane…
And as we flew over the sea we even searched for marine life and we saw a group of sharks!
The pilot missed them, but there was about 7/8 and they appeared to look like Hammerhead sharks.
If not then something similar that resembles them!



The flight was around 20 minutes and is a lot cheaper than most scenic flights you’ll find in Australia / New Zealand – so it’s well worth doing…
if you just love spending money like us…
Next up, a little further along the coast we reached the Maheno Shipwreck.
There’s also a cool little story about how it was washed up here on the shore of Fraser Island, but I won’t keep you.
Instead you can see the boat in action below and the shipwreck that is left today…


Que a few selfies with our new found friends Lee & Jay.
(love u guys)


Once again we hopped back on the pink mobile and continued up the coast on our beach motorway to the next scenic stop which was just a 5 minute photo opportunity at the Coloured pinnacles / sands.


By this time we were getting quite hungry from all the hopping on and off the bus (most exercise we’ve done in 6 weeks) but we had one more stop off before we could dig our teeth into anything…

Champagne Pools…

(unfortunately not filled with Champagne no, but as the sea crashes over into the pools it creates a fizzing sensation that resembles Champagne.)


An added extra that we were way too amused by was this sand that if stood on and wiggled around for long enough – you could sink down into.
Oh and a little help from Jay pushing me downwards assisted the process…

Completely indulged in being 6 years old again we had completely forgotten about the time and our hunger and so when we realised it was time to meet the crew for lunch we all flew back to the bus and tucked into our freshly made wraps.

…with sour cream & guacamole.

Still rolling with the 10/10 trip rating.

Post lunchtime we had 2 more activities for the afternoon.
It’s just such a stunningly scenic island so even the drive along the 75 miles beach is an activity within itself.
And of course the crazy 4X4 driving is enough to keep the whole bus entertained…
…accompanied by Kirst’s banging tunes.
NOTABLY the YMCA and the Christmas bangers she whipped out.
Anyway yes, back to the last activities.
The Indian Head lookout…
It is pretty common to look down into the water and see dolphins / sharks / turtles and whales here.
We didn’t manage to see them all but we saw about 7 turtles swimming around which was pretty special.


Last and CERTAINLY not least, we headed back down south of the island along the beach to a spot called Eli’s Creek – a fresh water creek running into the sea.
This has to be my highlight from the trip.
I haven’t laughed so much in a long time.
If you have an awesome bus driver (like Kirst) they will have some rubber doughnuts tucked away in the van for you to borrow and tube down the creek.
Whilst the creek isn’t THAT deep, neither is the doughnut meant for more than 1 person… we certainly gave it a go.
Infact, i would say we did the 4 minute run around 10 times, laughing harder, sinking lower and swallowing more water each time.
But the water is fresh as anything so that’s just not an issue.
I took some hilarious videos and I’m in the middle of making a massive video montage so make sure you look out for it!!!!
We tubed until our hearts were content… actually until Kirst called us back for tea and cookies, nonetheless as you can imagine none of us were complaining…

After getting our fill of double chocolate cookies we finally jumped back on the pink mobile one last time for a christmas sing-along as we headed back to base to pick up our bags and catch the ferry back to the mainland at 8.30pm.
Fraser, Fraser, Fraser… how do i sum you up.
Without a doubt, a highlight of my time in Australia so far.
Honestly, like i always say, sometimes it’s not where you are but who you’re with that makes the memories.
Kirst – if you ever read this – you MADE our trip for us.
Lee, Jay and you lovely Canadians – if you read this – you also MADE this trip.
And for you readers… i can only say this is a MUST do trip if you find yourself on the East Coast of Australia.
You can book the exact trip we did here for $335 dollars (Jan 2015)
Or simply view all the trips they have to offer on their website:
Thank you for reading, lots of love all the way from Australia…
Mollie xxxx




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