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My Guide to Byron Bay... Cheer up, Slow down & Chill out ♡

Updated On 26th April, 2020

How’z it guuuuuin? (with an australian accent)
Okay okay, i’ll stick to English.
What I was trying to say was HELLO! HOW YA’LL DOING?

We were fresh off our Fraser Island Trip and after another long haul down the East Coast we were super excited about the next destination on our trip… Byron Bay.
For as long as I can remember I have pinned images of Byron Bay on my pinterest, forever dreaming of coming here. 
As we pulled up in our big red bus we were eager to drop our bags and stretch our legs, so we headed to our accommodation (Holiday Village) dropped our backpacks and headed straight back out of the door to explore.

Byron Bay was everything I dreamed it to be and more.
For the first day I think I said ‘Omg I actually love this place’ over 100 times. 
(Ask Hayley she ended up having to tell me to shut up. Oops.)
Everything in sight excited my soul and sent endorphins flying around my body.
Sunny Blue Skies, people carrying surfboards, skating, riding bicycles, girls braiding hair on the side of the road, people selling art, musicians busking and filling the air with raw talent, colourful ice cream shops, superfood shops with fresh coconuts ready to be cracked and stuffed with straws, hippie clothes & jewellery….
Ahhhh i could go on forever.
There is just the most beautiful, peaceful, friendly, hippie vibe and i couldn’t help but smile at e v e r y t h i n g.
Let me try and show you visually.
For example look how COOL the buses are!!!
You can’t tell me you can look at that and be sad!
Here’s a photo of us and some friends we met that live in and around Byron Bay. 
Honestly had some of our best days with these guys chilling on the beach and them showing us the Aussie ropes! 
They were the epitome of what I love about the Australian culture.
Chilled out, spontaneous and always up for a good time.
If you’re reading this guys – we love you!
Even the graffiti is beautiful in Byron.
I’d say Byron is the creative hub of Australia – bursting with talent in every direction.

‘Byron Bay. A place for the dreamers & the believers.’
‘Must do’s’ in Byron Bay:
1. Grab a coconut and relax on the main beach…

2. Watego’s beach & Tallow beach…
Walk a little bit further down from the main Byron Beach and you will find a slightly quieter and less touristy beach called Watego’s. Head even further round past the lighthouse and you will find Tallow Beach – a popular beach for surfing!

3. Get the hippie look… 
There are plenty of opportunities to get ‘hippied up’ in Byron. Get a hair wrap, a feather or a braid, woven into your hair. Or if you’re feeling the full look – you could even go for the dreads…

4. Watch the sunset with a drink & some friends…

5. Silent camper van disco on the main beach… 
(not sure that it’s on everyday, but it was when we were there Dec 2014)

6. Walk to the Lighthouse…

7. Stand on the most easterly point of Australia…
(located near the Lighthouse)
8. Grab a fresh juice or superfood salad…

9. Wander around the shops…
From Lorna Jayne Active to Australia’s Version of Primark (Cotton On) – Byron Bay has everything you need all located on on main road.
Indulge in some beautiful souvenirs, clothing, jewellery and creative tools. 
But be careful – you’ll want to spend ALL your money!
10. Get creative… 
Be it jewellery making, surf lessons, cooking, songwriting or photography. Byron Bay is equipt with all the equipment and inspiration you need.
11. Grab a warm brownie at (I CAN’T REMEMEBER THE SHOP NAME)
All i know is that it was on the corner of the Roundabout, one corner clockwise from ‘The Balcony’ restaurant.
THE best brownie I’ve ever had. AND it’s served warm.
12. Spot the wildlife & spiders (hehe)

13. Hop on the Happy Coach to Nimbin…
Known as Australia’s most famous hippie destination and alternative lifestyle Capital, Nimbi is tucked away in the hills just outside of Byron.

You can book a ticket pretty cheap to get there, most of which are just for the day.
I didn’t actually go as most people will say it is mainly an attraction for those that aspire to be Bob Marley (if you know what i mean).

– Cheeky Monkeys (Very well known as a backpackers bar!)
– Woody’s Bar (Club)
– The Northern (Bar and restaurant)
– Cocomangas (Club)
– Railway Bar (pretty cool, chilled vibe with outdoor seating / tables)

– Woolworths supermarket (for all backpackers cooking for themselves)

There are SO many places to eat out on the main street, i can’t possibly mention them all but here are a few of my favourites:

Guzman Y Gomez (Amazing burritos – haha you can rely on me to find it!)
Legend Pizza
Aquarius Cafe (Brunch shown in photo above!)
– Any of the smoothie / superfood pop ups along main street
Kinoko sushi restaurant (always packed)
Best brownie shop ever (on same roundabout as ‘The Balcony’ one corner of the roundabout clockwise)
Accommodation (for a backpacker budget):

Personal hostel recommendations (places I’ve stayed):
– Byron Bay Holiday Village (book here)
– Aquarius Backpackers (book here)

Other options:
– Nomads (book here)
– YHA Hostel (book here)
– Arts Factory – the place from Inbetweeners film!! (book here)

Photo’s I took in the Aquarius backpackers all girls dorm:

OR Sleep in the back of a camper van & have a road trip – true hippie style…

Byron Bay Camper Van Hire:

Wicked – book here
Hip Caravan Hire – book here
Byron Bay Campers – book here
I recently came across this place in Byron that hire out American style Trailors which look AWESOME. 
I know i’d love to hire one when i, one day, go back to Byron.
If you’re up for beating me to it, you can see what i mean here: Atlantic Byron Bay.

That’s Byron Bay in a nut shell for you!
If you have ANY questions at all about visiting Byron Bay then pop them in the comments below and I will do my bestest to answer them 🙂
I do have a couple more posts coming up for you from our time in Byron Bay, so hold tight!
Coming soon: ‘Christmas in Byron Bay, our first Christmas on the beach’
Thank you for reading, lots of love…
Mollie xxxx

If you’re thinking about / planning a trip to Australia, I’ve answered all your questions in my brand new video…





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