A 3-day microgap in Bournemouth, England

A 3-day itinerary in Bournemouth, England

If you're planning the best weekend in Bournemouth, look no further. This 3-day Bournemouth itinerary will ensure you have the best time in one of England's most beautiful coastal cities! After my first microgap in the Lake District and my second in Leeds at the back end of 2018, last week it was finally time to [...]
A complete guide to Tokyo, Japan | Where's Mollie? A travel and adventure lifestyle blog

19 places you should travel to in 2019

2018 has been reflected on, and 2019 is in full swing. January can sometimes seem a little deflating right? Christmas is over, you're back to work and the days still aren't that much lighter. However January is the perfect time to get travel-inspired and book your next adventure to give yourself something to look forward [...]

A 3-day itinerary for Leeds, UK

Last week I finally got the chance to head up north and explore Leeds, the city that sits in the northern English county of Yorkshire. If you're looking for a weekend itinerary for Leeds, well, you're in the right place. In this post I am going to take you through how to plan a weekend [...]

A 3-day itinerary for The Lake District National Park

If you're looking to spend a weekend in the Lake District National Park, this is the itinerary for you. Full of classic, English things: mainly rain, but also rolling hills and stunning countryside, this adventure is not one you want to miss. In this Lake District travel guide, I am going to share the ultimate [...]
The Ultimate UK Adventure Bucket List | Where's Mollie? A Travel and Adventure Lifestyle Blog

The ultimate UK adventure bucket list

Possibly the most underrated travel destination going? If there is one thing I learnt to appreciate after 36 crazy months of travel, it's the UK and the beauty we have within this incredible country. Until recently, I blindly overshadowed the beauty here in my home country. I've spent thousands of pounds on travelling abroad, and [...]