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An epic road trip bucket list for the UK & Europe

It’s no news that I love a good road trip. Having just bought and converted a VW T5 into a camper van, I am currently pulling a list together of all the road trips in Europe that I’d like to take it on.

As I’m mid-research, I thought I’d bring to you a list of road trips in Europe I’ve found so far and combine it with road trips in Europe that I’ve already done, to help inspire your next trip.

Why a Europe road trip?

The freedom to explore and go wherever you want, whenever you want on a road trip never, ever, gets old for me. Some of my favourite memories have been a result of a road trip adventure. The constant moving pace and connection to the outdoors open so many doors for conversation, for wrong turnings and for unexpected discoveries. Road trips encapsulate everything that I love about travel and I just cannot get enough.

And combine that with the diversity on offer in Europe, you have the ultimate recipe for the road trip of a lifetime. You can cross multiple borders within a day if you wish and you can create an adventure filled with medieval castles one day, mountains the next and glorious stretches of the beach the next.

Europe is just incredible. See all my road trip adventure posts and itineraries here.

An epic road trip bucket list for the UK & Europe

1. Trollstigen, Norway

Norway is somewhere I’m yet to adventure through. The ‘troll’s path’ is said to be home to a million dreamy photo spots. With hairpin bends and steep inclines a plenty, it’s perhaps not one for your first road trip but definitely one if you’re feeling adventurous!

2. The French and Swiss Alps

One of my favourite road trips ever, I could come back to this area of Europe again and again and again. Montreux, Evolene, Saint-Luc, Veyonnaz (Switzerland), Chamonix, Annecy and Epernay (France) were my destinations of choice this time round, but I can’t wait to return and explore even more. I spent 8 days in the area, but if you went to fewer towns you could spend less time, or if you wanted to spend longer there’s so much more of the Alps to explore! (including Italy, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, and Liechtenstein). In fact, I’d love to do a road trip that goes through all seven countries!

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A Swiss Alps road trip: Montreux, Evolene, Saint-Luc and Veyonnaz
Video: An 8-day French and Swiss Alps road trip, Europe
A Swiss Alps road trip: Montreux, Evolene, Saint-Luc and Veyonnaz | Where's Mollie? A travel and adventure lifestyle blog

3. The Amalfi Coast, Italy

With family from Italy and friends living there, it’s a country I’ve been meaning to visit for a long time. Said to be one of the best road trips in Europe, South Italy is a beautiful area to explore. With it’s perfect balance of good food and wine, stunning scenery, warm waters, amazing architecture and fascinating history, it’s not one to miss. You could easily spend a week exploring the little towns and villages you come across on the coastline!

4. Romantische Strasse, Germany

With it’s stunning medieval architecture, and a route through the heart of Germany’s beautiful country, this road didn’t earn its name for nothing. This 220 mile route is worth exploring over a few days to allow for plenty of stops for wine tasting and sight seeing!

Top tip: Keep room in your boot for plenty of European wine! Road trips are the perfect time to stock up as you don’t have the same liquid and weight restrictions as on a plane! (but remember there are customs limits too)

5. Cornwall, UK

One of my favourite areas in the UK to explore, especially in the summer when the sun is shining! Think beaches, coastline, chilled vibes, and someone you care about to share that all with!

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Cornwall has also been a destination for a WMGT trip – proving you can enjoy it with friends, family, alone and also with brand new friends! Book your next WMGT adventure here

A 4 Day Roadtrip in Cornwall with a Vintage VW Camper | Where's Mollie - A UK Travel and Lifestyle Blog
The best things to do and see in Cornwall

6. Transfagarasan, Romania

[Transfăgărășan] The supposed “world’s best driving road” goes straight through the middle of Romania. Waterfalls, lakes, mountains and stunning views – this is another trip that gives you everything and another one I’m looking forward to!

7. Albania

A country I didn’t expect to fall in love with, but absolutely did. Definitely one of Europe’s hidden gems. All the wonderful things about Croatia (it’s just south) but without the tourism. Go see it and uncover the seemingly undiscovered.

(You can see more about my trip here.)

The best things to do in Albania

8. Ring of Kerry, Ireland

Having only been to Dublin and Belfast, I can’t wait to see more of Northern Ireland and Ireland. This trip gives you mountains, lakes, rivers, beaches and countryside across the 200km route in the southern part, so there’s something for everyone.

9. Vorarlberg, Austria

Another region that completely stole my heart. Completely. The hikes between Alpine huts were my favourite, stopping to sample cheese made on site at each one. I’m hoping to host a WMGT adventure here one day.

See more about my trip to Vorarlberg here.

10. The Military Road, Isle of Wight, UK

Another UK based one – you really don’t have to go far from home for an adventure! Short but sweet (and so perfect for a half day out if you stop somewhere for a coffee or some food), this one takes you round the southern tip of the island giving you sea and cliff views.

11. The Lake District, UK

Another beautiful area in the UK for you to explore, and one I’d like to head back to very soon. Nothing stopped me enjoying the mountains and beautiful views you find in this area – even the terrible weather!

I’m an ambassador for Visit England and determined to show you all how beautiful the UK can be on my ‘microgap’ adventures. Check them out here

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Scafell Pike: A guide to climbing England's highest peak
Scafell Pike: A guide to climbing England's highest peak
A 3 day adventure in the Lake District
Scafell Pike: A guide to climbing England's highest peak

12. Route One, Iceland

Treating you to volcanoes, coastline, geysers, waterfalls, and the opportunity to whale-watch, this is a trip that I’m really looking forward to when I next get the chance to go to Iceland. It’s 800 miles, so give yourself plenty of time to explore! The Golden Circle road trip that I did only covers the southern part of the country, but Route 1 is a ring road that goes all the way round – amazing!

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A guide to planning your Iceland road trip ft. our 5 day itinerary | Where's Mollie? A travel and adventure lifestyle blog

13. A European Christmas Market road trip!

Another one of my favourite road trips and one of my dreamiest Christmas trips to date – definitely one you should try out some time, and definitely one I will do again! Mulled wine, snow, mountains and excellent company… just perfect!

See my Christmas market road trip post here.

14. Estoril Coastal Drive, Portugal

This trip takes you along the coast of Portugal, another country I can’t wait to explore more of – in fact, one I’m exploring very very soon (watch this space)! Epic scenery and fascinating history make for an awesome drive.

15. A complete Europe round trip!

This one from Culture Trip has inspired me so much… hoping I have the time to do a complete Europe road trip one day soon, perhaps aiming to include every country in Europe in one really long trip!

Have you been on a European road trip?

What were your favourite places? I’d love to know!

Love as always + happy adventuring,


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An epic road trip bucket list for the UK & Europe




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