These years



What’s included?

One physical copy of the These years wall print, delivered to you.

Size: 30cm X 40cm

Note: Frame is not included.

A note from Mollie…

‘I honestly used to be scared of growing up. Of getting ‘old’ and wishing I’d done things differently.

I used to get so caught up in the bigger picture and in where I was heading that I was continually overlooking the moment I was actually in. After all, the bigger picture is just a collection of all the moments we are in, as we are in them.

And so instead of worrying about moments yet to come, ones I have absolutely no control over, I started owning the moments I was in. The only thing we truly have.

If you live each moment with intention and make decisions based on how you really feel in that moment, on what makes you happy in that moment. I don’t think you can regret anything.

I see this quote as in the bedroom, visible when one wakes up and getting ready for the day.

I see this print as a little reminder to go out there and make good choices. To embrace opportunity and live the life you dream of living.’

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