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Birthday Weekend | Deaf Havana, Nirvana Spa

Updated On 26th April, 2020

The best weekend of the year was here.
And of course that means, my birthday 🙂

Day 1.
I kicked off the 4 day event (has to be done) on the Friday by going to see Deaf Havana play at a sold out Roundhouse in Camden which was pretty amazing. And which, may I also note – is now my favourite venue!
They have worked so hard to achieve this and were so humble in their performance.
Check out my favourite song of theirs Deaf Havana – Anemophobia.
(For those of you that went to school with me, I kept in contact with the band i organised to play at our prom (Lights and Sounds) and Max now plays keys for Deaf Havana. Pretty cool hey!)
Day 2.
Day 2 saw some pamper time with my mumma so we headed to Nirvana Spa (located in Wokingham, West Berkshire) for an afternoon of relaxation.
As you arrive you are greeted at reception by the lovely staff and given a robe and a towel with which you head into the changing room. 
You pop on your bikini, flip flops that you bring from home (we forgot) and your robe before heading into the spa.
We did a few lengths in the outdoor pool (heated of course) and then had a dip in the outdoor jacuzzi. There is something so satisfying about it being cold outside but so warm and snuggly inside the jacuzzi. Just like I love driving when its warm in my car and raining outside.
Anyway it’s all fun and games until you have to get out…
Next we headed off to the Celestial Pool for a floatation treatment. What is that you say?
“Nirvana Spa is the only place in the UK where you can float on spring-fed water containing over 60 tons of Dead Sea Salt, with 21 skin enhancing minerals. Experience the feeling of weightlessness as you float off into another world”
I didn’t take my camera in with me, but here’s a photo taken from the Nirvana Spa website which shows you what it looks like.
The lights dim and you float under the twinkly lights, and if you’re lucky like me, you’ll switch off and relax so much you fall asleep in bliss.
In a completely relaxed frame of mind we headed to the Nirvana room where we lay on these body fitting, heated beds and browed over the lunch menu.
It’s completely silent in here barre the sounds of the water trickling from the water feature in the centre. It always makes me want to laugh when it’s so quiet but seeing as I had one day left as a teenager i decided to snap out of this immature mode and not disturb everyone!
As relaxing as the warmth, peace and candles were – reading the spa menu had got our tummys rumbling so we headed for a quick steam in the… steam rooms (funny that), and then to the ‘Spa Cuisine’ for lunch.

We both had a glass of water, and I also had a strawberry + banana smoothie. I honestly thought it was freshly made last time i came, however, this was definitely from a bottle which was slightly disappointing.

Any how we eventually managed to decided from the crazily yummy menu…

Mum went for the 
Roasted Butternut + Sweet Potato thyme Risotto with pine nuts

Whilst I went for the
Salmon + Dill Linguine with a cream sauce 
…again I was slightly disappointed, this time with the seasoning, but i simply asked for a slice of lemon to squeeze on top and some parmesan and it was very YUM indeed.

After filling that hole in our tummies, we had a lie down by the indoor pools and palm trees which some how distracted us from the storm like skies outside.

After all these events and the slow, relaxed manoeuvres inbetween, it was nearly time to go, so we had another steam in the new aromatherapy room (which is so cleansing and refreshing) and a quick dip in the jacuzzi pool before heading back to the changing rooms.

With christmas coming up, it is the perfect way to chill out with your mum, your friends or whoever you fancy… (boys are obviously allowed if they can put up with facials, a glass of wine and the latest gossip)…
Or visit the main Nirvana Spa website, where you can get information on treatments available, memberships etc etc 🙂
After a perfectly relaxing afternoon and some quality time with mumma which doesn’t happen much as much as i’d like inbetween our busy lives, it was time for the next event of my birthday weekend…
Mollie xoxo
P.s. Apologises for the lower quality images, for obvious reasons i didn’t want to take my camera into the spa!
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