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Thoughts from 10,668m above ground… 10 reasons why is travelling so important to me ♡

I’m sat on my connecting flight now from Singapore – Christchurch, having already endured the 12hr 40 flight from London.
In the hours before I left London for New Zealand, the question was constantly ‘You must be so excited?’. 
I felt strange. 
On one hand I was overly excited as I had the memories of my last backpacking adventure fuelling me with the adrenalin to take off again.
But on the other hand – it’s a bit scary.
At home, it seems i have it all. A supportive and loving family, boyfriend and friends, a career that I’m endlessly passionate about, the best dog in the world (i said it), a roof over my head and i earn enough money to live comfortably.
And here I am leaving it all behind for 7 weeks.
Question is why?
1 – Slow the hell down
One of the main reasons travelling is so important to me is because it forces me to take time out. Having my own business means there is always something to be done, whether its a song to practise, tour marketing (merch, leaflets, competitions), blog posts, blog research, filming, recording, editing, social media, gigs, writing, vlogging, emails, attending events etc. Alongside all of this i also run a small part-time business which has supported the start up of my music and blog.
As you can imagine my head is constantly at 100mph with thoughts, ideas and lists making sure I’m continuously progressing and staying on top of things. It can be ridiculosuly draining for me and people around me, and it comes to the point where i need a break to re-energise.
2 – Become a social butterfly
Something I am still working on is my time management. In between everything I do, I don’t feel i have much time to socialise, exercise or see people i love as much as i’d like to. And if i do, i’m usually hopping between social media to keep my material constant. My life is based around technology – and quite frankly it can get pretty lonely. As i progress, things are starting to change, I have done a big schools tour, and go to a lot of events etc now where i am surrounded by people, but the balance isn’t quite there yet.
As much as I love my career, I love people.
I crave social surroundings – and travelling without a doubt delivers every time.
3 – Natural Highs
At home in London, i admittedly get caught in a bubble. I think we become so indulged with ‘having’ that we forget about ‘being’. It’s not an attack, thats how our society is, there’s no getting away from it, but at the same time it’s a real shame.
We are increasingly indulged in our phones and alike technology that we are forgetting how to interact with each other.
Human interaction is one of the most beautiful and natural highs we can get – and it’s free.
When i’m travelling I have no 3G so no excuse but to delight in pure conversation, love and laughter. 
4 – See some incredible things
We live in a beautiful world, one that i have only just begun to explore. Yeah you may have seen photos and videos taken by friends or strangers online. But there is nothing quite like getting out of your home bubble and seeing it for yourself. Honestly, memories that last are 1 million percent unbeatable.
5 – Time to get creative
Creativity for me requires the right environment. Being relaxed and having the brain space to think, allows me reflect on my emotions clearly, write lyrics, take photos etc.
Travelling, particularly if you can afford not to work, reduces ones stress to a minimal level allowing creativity (mine anyway) to reach it’s peak.
6 – Appreciation 
I love my life at home. I travel to reflect, explore, create and let go, not necessarily to escape. 
I am definitely guilty for taking things and people for granted back home, and sometimes it takes being away from people and things to appreciate their value.
I always look forward to coming home, and that is something I value more and more each time i go away.
7 – I love change.
Some find their comfort zone and like it there. 
Some try stepping out and realise its not for them. And others, i.e. ME, thrive off of change. 
One could say I get bored easily, one could say i’m an adrenalin seeker, but I just feel like I want to experience everything. 
Hell, it’s a lot easier to stay in the comfort zone, but like they say ‘Life begins at the end of your comfort zone’. 
8 – Take off your watch
Time is an illusion. It doesn’t exist.
Well it doesn’t when you’re travelling anyway. Not if you don’t want it to.
You don’t have to be anywhere at any particular time, no job to get to, no appointments to make. 
You can travel at your own pace, if you miss the bus you have the freedom to catch the next one or stay another night and hop on another tomorrow.
I took my watch off before i left for the airport and left it by my bedside. 
9 – Spend your money on memories that last forever
Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to travel to create life long memories. But I certainly won’t be remembering the endless nights behind my computer screen (what i spend 70% of my life doing).
Some people go out on a friday night, after work or at the weekends, some go to raves, some buy the latest gadgets and cars and some people move out and get a mortgage.
I don’t do a lot of these things (aside from shopping). I hardly ever drink, I don’t smoke, i don’t go clubbing, i don’t have a fancy car, i still live at home, i love a bargain and i work my butt off without a ‘proper’ weekend.
The money I save goes into a travel account and doesn’t come back out.
That’s how i afford it. If you want it you’ll make it happen.
10 – I’m young, and I’ll only be young once.
As i type this i have just arrived at my Hostel in Christchurch New Zealand and i am waiting for my friend to arrive.
I can’t wait to share my adventures with you. 
Don’t you dare go anywhere 🙂
Thank you for reading, lots of love all the way from New Zealand…
Mollie xxxx




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