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How to live life more fully through adventure...

Updated On 9th July, 2018

Living life to the full is something we all aim to do and achieve.

In 2016 I feel, more than any other year, I lived my life to the absolute fullest.

And with that, I have felt an overwhelming sense of contentment and happiness.

Without getting all weird and spiritual on you, I really feel like this year I have cracked life, or at least, the life I want to live.

The root to my happiness and fulfilment has derived from adventure. That word I use oh so often.

Life without adventure, to me, is not a life i could ever live.

How to live life more fully in 2017 | Where's Mollie? A UK Travel and Adventure Lifestyle Blog

But what even IS adventure? And how do you get it?

Adventure to me is simply heading out somewhere, be it to the local park, or to the airport.

An adventure can be located a million miles away, or from exactly where you are right now.

Adventure can happen with your friends or on your own.

Adventure is setting out on and enduring a challenge or journey with an open mind.

Adventure is not expecting anything and knowing that you will probably collide with difficulties along the way.

Adventure is the excitement to overcome the difficulties and to experience the self development that will occur in the process.

Adventure is the unknown and the willingness to find out.

How will adventure bring you life fulfilment?

Whilst many adventures will have a goal or purpose, e.g. hiking to the top of a summit or successfully completing your first solo backpacking trip, the fulfilment doesn’t usually come from the success of these challenges. The fulfilment usually comes from moments within them.

Moments where you are fully indulged in the present moment. For a minute or even just a few seconds, you are totally absorbed in an action or a view. Or simply, the world. The moment totally consumes you.

Adventure, more than anything, provokes these moments.

These are the moments I live for and that mean more to me than any material object. They make me feel like life is at it’s total peak, even more so when these moments are shared with people i love.

Isn’t adventure dangerous?

For an adventure to be an adventure there must be some risk or uncertainty within it.

If you already know the outcome of the adventure, there’s no horizon for self development or challenge. No room for adrenalin and no sense of inquisition.

Saying that, an adventure doesn’t have to be life threatening or in the form of extreme sport. We are all capable of adventure and an adventure can be as simple as a walk with your dog.

Adventure is right on your doorstep.

So how can you live your life more fully through adventure?

1. Free up time in your week

We get so busy making a living that we forget to make a life. Is that you? What’s the point in focusing so heavily on earning money if you have no time to enjoy yourself? Make a conscious effort to leave time for yourself/ family/ friends and organise some roadtrips / outings.

2. Stop blaming the weather and work

You may be tired from a long week at work and sometimes i get that a weekend rolling around in bed is necessary. But adventure, excitement and activity is energising as soon you engage in it, you just have to make the first step.

3. Get Outside

A very small percentage of my most memorable moments and adventures are located indoors. Fresh air and nature are at the root of the best adventures and do the world for your mental health.

4. Get off your phone

As much as the world we live in now relies on it {as does my career} make sure you find a balance this year. Use your phone to it’s advantages and then put it away and engage in people and adventure. You will notice the difference in your mood and happiness STRAIGHT AWAY.

5. Head to busy places

One thing that always enhances adventure is human activity and energy. Engaging in energy e.g. football stadiums, festivals, parks and just anywhere people go, is bound to create conversation and juicy detail for your adventure.

6. Create the energy you want to be around

If you want to be around positive people and exciting adventure, you must first work on you. Visualise the person you want to be and the life you want to live and the excitement will start creating energy that will attract alike energy. This is the truest rule in existence – The Law Of Attraction.

7. Plan a trip

Whilst you can have adventure in every day life, it’s always more exciting to throw new surroundings, new climates, new languages and new challenges into the mix. Plan a holiday, a roadtrip or an overnight stay.

8. Book something random

I honestly believe you can have fun in any situation if you have the right attitude. Putting yourself in unfamiliar and sometimes slightly uncomfortable surroundings can lead to the best experiences and adventures.  Tickets to a comedy night, a trampoline park, a chocolate making class, a ghost tour… anything. Find a friend and try something super random…

9. Stop making excuses

Just stop making excuses for your happy life.

10. Stop putting off your own happiness

Your happiness is the most important thing in the world and there’s no better time to pursue it than RIGHT NOW.

How to live life more fully in 2017 | Where's Mollie? A UK Travel and Adventure Lifestyle Blog

What are YOUR new years resolutions?

I’d love to know!

Thank YOU guys for reading <3

Love as always + happy adventuring,

Mollie x

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How to live life more fully in 2017 | Where's Mollie? A UK Travel and Adventure Lifestyle Blog





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