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19 ways to stay positive during COVID-19

This is all a bit surreal really isn’t it? Coronavirus changed the world as we knew it in 2020.

We went from zero to one hundred in seconds and the whole world came to a complete standstill. In many parts of the world, it still is.

Over the last year, we’ve ridden the waves of dismissing how serious COVID-19 is, all the way to emptying the supermarkets, lockdown, changing the way we travel, a beautiful British summer here in Europe, thinking things were getting better, and now, a new strain and a winter 2020-21 lockdown. It’s been nearly 12 months of lockdowns here in the UK and of course, these limitations on our freedom are going to be taxing.

We aren’t meant to live in isolation like this. So I just want to take a moment to find compassion for ourselves and these difficult energies we are being asked to navigate. As hard and as hopeless as the situation may seem, there is light. I promise you. Hold on in there, we will all reconnect physically soon and it will be bloody wonderful.

In the UK the current advice, depending on where you live, involves social distancing and no non-essential travel or trips out the house. It’s pretty limited movement wise but with every physical freedom taken away, its an opportunity to create your own mental freedom. Something we always have access to and that no one can take away. That’s why looking after your mental health during this time is absolutely essential and in this post, I’m going to share with you my top tips for staying positive during covid 19.

We have two choices: to face difficulty with optimism or to face difficulty with pessimism.

I’m not saying it’s as easy as ‘just be positive about it’. This absolutely doesn’t dismiss the collective difficulty and challenges being faced, but in looking for the silver linings, we attempt to enter a state of acceptance and use our energy otherwise to build stronger physical health and community regardless of the isolation we face whilst tackling this virus.

With the overwhelming amount of coverage surrounding this global pandemic on social media, the TV and the radio, it’s pretty easy to pick up on the fear pandemic that runs alongside this virus. In my opinion, whilst absolutely not dismissing the presence and impact of the virus, I find it very frustrating that there’s no active power from the leading authorities to encourage a more positive approach alongside this challenging time.

After all, one pandemic is bad enough without destabilising our immune systems further with crippling energies and emotional pandemics such as fear, anxiety and depression.

Personally, I’m choosing the optimistic route and with the responsibility I uphold on my platforms, I’d like to share with you some reasons to be positive during this time in order to make this challenging period a little lighter mentally and emotionally… resulting too in inevitable physical benefits.

19 ways to stay positive during the COVID-19 pandemic

19 top tips for travelling during Covid-19

1. Limit your media intake

Sure we still need to take in the appropriate government guidance regarding what steps to take next but it’s seriously damaging to our mental health and mood to be absorbing unnecessary amounts of negative and low energy conversation. There’s a heavy amount of fear circling at the moment and it’s very hard to not get caught up in. Fear will not change the situation, it will weaken your fight against the situation. Protect yourself as much as you can from conversations, environments and technology that will engulf you in these frequencies.

Being completely absorbed in the media during this time will do you no good. There are very few people that can spend hours and hours in front of negativity without feeling the impact. If you’re feeling a little low in mood, limit your media intake to 10-15 minutes at the end of the day to get the updates and please, continue with your day.

2. Use this time for self care.

This is possibly the biggest silver lining that I see in this whole situation. Our day-to-day distractions have mostly now been removed (self quarantine life) and we are being encouraged to look a little closer to home to keep ourselves afloat, mentally and emotionally. Self care and habits like meditation are often pushed to the side in our busy lives but now I truly believe the universe is asking us to do this work.

Not sure where to start? Is self care a little too general a topic? Check out ’12 self-care habits to increase your happiness’.

Not sure of your direction and want to use this time to refocus? Check out ‘Goal setting: how to bring your dreams to life’.

Meditation during this difficult time can help you to clear and eliminate thoughts and feelings of anxiety, stress, panic and more. Honestly, learn to meditate and you’re learning to be in control of your mind. If you’re new to meditation, check out my beginner’s guide to meditation here.

3. Follow positive accounts on Instagram.

Fill that feed of yours with goodness. Follow people that are adding a lighthearted nature to this difficult time and bringing you uplifting messages. Here’s a couple for you:

  • @donte.colley
  • @thehappynewspaper
  • @theinspiredunemployed
  • @sacredbreathacademy
  • If you’re looking for health advice that’s reliable, my doctor and dear friend @thefoodmedic is your girl.

If you’re looking to discuss travel disappointments and options or to just get excited about travel again with like-minded individuals, come and join the Global Travellers Facebook family.

4. Take responsibility for speaking and sharing positively to your peers.

It’s all so easy to say that our individual contribution doesn’t have an impact, but this virus is evidence that we are all in this together and our efforts individually and collectively go a long way.

Let’s focus on the positives as much as we can. Share posts, captions and comments that are positive. Positive attracts positive. Let’s spread it. Positive thoughts and emotions are known to increase your immune system, also giving you an increased power in overcoming the virus should it come your way.

19 ways to stay positive during the COVID-19 Coronavirus

5. Pull together in your community and support small businesses where you can.

One of the saddest things about this coronavirus pandemic is the effect it’s having on business globally. Small businesses and large ones, it seems that with each day that passes, there’s very few not being affected by the global lockdown.

There are little things we can all do to keep the economy afloat:

  • Order takeaway from your local restaurants
  • Rearrange the trip you’ve booked instead of completely cancelling with travel companies
  • Be patient and refrain from cancelling all your event bookings until absolutely necessary. If you can, wait until nearer the time to see how the situation develops.

Please be kind as you protect yourselves. People are losing everything.

6. Write down 5 things you’re grateful for, every morning.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, positive breeds positive. Doing this in the morning gives you an incredible headstart to having a positive day.

Here’s an example and my 5 things to be grateful for today:

  • the access I have to nutritious food to fuel my body through any potential virus
  • having shelter and a roof over my head to keep me warm and safe
  • family and friends to talk through difficult events with (e.g. having all my work cancelled)
  • that I’ve invested in meditation over the years and I can control my mood very well regardless of my environment
  • my body’s capability to move and workout, wherever I am

7. Cherish time with the people around you and deepen connections.

Whether you’re back at home quarantining with family, living with friends, your dog or all by yourself, deepen those connections. Ask questions you never ask. Ask how this time is affecting you and them and pull together with whoever and whatever you have.

I for one usually have a very busy life and my time with friends and family has increased significantly since this Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic started. Would I have said no to this much work and got to spend this much time with them otherwise? Most likely not…

Cherish it.

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8. Look after your immunity and stick to the rules, knowing that’s the best you can do.

Many of us will eventually get the Coronavirus COVID-19 that’s taking over the world.

For most of us who catch it, our system will fight it and we will recover absolutely fine. For some, we may not get it or we may not experience any symptoms even if we do. Unfortunately, it is vulnerable people that are the main concern, so it’s especially important for them to isolate and build up a good immune system. Sticking to social distancing rules and looking after your immunity are the very best things we can do for ourselves and for each other.

I’m no professional so I cannot advise exactly on what nutrients to top up on or what to avoid but I do know that continuing with a balanced, colourful diet, staying hydrated and curbing the likes of alcohol and sugar is likely to assist your immune system.

It’s extremely important to consider what you feed yourself mentally and emotionally as well as physically. If you’re looking to cleanse your body and soul from toxins, reconsider all types of energy that you feed of off.

A positive mental state, sitting in higher emotional frequencies, is proven to increase your immunity, increasing your available energy sources and chances of overcoming illness in the body. So, choose health, choose positive and choose you.

I would highly recommend following these accounts for science-backed health information:

  • @drmarkhyman
  • @wimhof
  • @drchattergee

Watch the Cold Comfort episode of The Goop Lab with Gwyneth Paltrow. Iceman Hof brings us the enlightening benefits of breathwork to our health and immune system.

9. Top up on sleep and get on top of things you usually push to the side.

Pure and simple.

If you are working from home and/or quarantine you’re likely to have more time to hand because of the removal of commuting time. Take this time to get an extra hour in bed or get on top of that admin that keeps being shoved to the bottom of your to-do list.

10. Write down a list of all the things you miss, that you’re now appreciating even more.

I know it’s hard because some of our favourite pastimes and daily routines have been removed, but let’s think about the bigger picture here. It’s not forever and we can definitely adjust things to accommodate. Perhaps writing down a list of the things you probably take for granted, that you now miss, but will most likely get back soon will flip the situation on its head. Here are mine as an example:

  • Walking my dog with friends
  • Going to workout classes and sitting down in a cafe for brunch afterwards
  • Travelling the world and going on adventures
  • Chatting to people and hugging people
  • Seeing my friends who live abroad

Looking for tips for long distance relationships? Check out this post…

11. Become best friends with your mind. Spend some time in there.

Mentioned briefly within the self-care point but worth it’s own point for SURE.

Every situation in your entire lifetime presents you with different options. As they say, it’s 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

Coming to the realisation that you are not your mind and that you can completely separate from your thoughts, if only you invest the time in learning how to so is a privilege. I’ve taken on the journey or meditation over the last few years and I honestly cannot imagine being back in my old ways.

Wouldn’t you love to be able to control your inner peace and calm at any given point? You have the opportunity and now you have been given the time. Start investigating your curiosity. Check out my beginner’s guide to meditation here. If you’re not sure what awareness is and you want to find out more, check out this blog post about awareness.

Heard of awareness? What is awareness? 10 ways to practise awareness

12. Build resilience. Hard times = growth.

As much as the difficult times are difficult, they always result in growth that shapes you into a considerably stronger human being. Call me weird but whenever I’m in a shit old situation, I get kind of excited to unlock a new level of my being. Through difficult times you have to learn new things and are awakened to strength you didn’t previously know you had, in order to pull through it. You always grow. You always become stronger and more resilient to the same thing ever happening again, similar to the virus and your immune system.

13. Learn something new.

Some of us have no work and have an abundance of time, and some of us have increased work and reduced time. Some people need this time to stop and reset, and recover from whatever life has thrown at them leading up to this. Whichever situation it is you’re in, it’s important to embrace it.

My work in travel has come to a halt for now so I’m taking the unusual amount of time I have and investing it in other things.

If you happen to find yourself with extra spare time, here are some suggestions:

  • Learn a new language online
  • Buy an online cookbook and try some new healthy, immune boosting recipes
  • Learn how to edit on Lightroom or Premiere using YouTube
  • Use YouTube to learn anything in fact: camera tips, hair tips, make up tips etc.
  • Take some online yoga classes
  • Learn to meditate with my beginner’s guide here.

14. Get dreaming. Plan your next adventure.

Just because travelling adventures have come to a halt, it doesn’t mean you cannot dream or plan your next adventure for when this passes.

Don’t lose the passion for travel. Keep the adventure alive within you and get dreaming on Pinterest.

  • See all the travel inspiration on my blog here.
  • See my top tips for planning your next adventure here.

15. Make the most of the spare time you may find yourself with.

As mentioned above, you could learn something new but you could also just do nothing or do something you never get around to.

You could…

  • brainstorm a new business idea
  • watch tv
  • read a book
  • start a new hobby

Make the most of the time that works in a way for your situation and your health and wellbeing.

16. Think of the global awareness being raised.

I don’t think you could have written this situation if you tried. It’s like something out of a movie. Everyone and everything is being affected and coming to a halt right now. But, within the global attention to this virus, we are being forced to wake up to the fact that, ultimately, we are not in control. No amount of money, social media fame, possessions or more can protect you.

We are all one. We are all equally at risk. We are all back to the fundamentals of life. Ourselves, our health and love.

By removing all the distractions, which would never ever have happened otherwise, we are all being faced with this realisation.

17. Positive news for the environment.

There have been a few reports and maps floating around online about the positive immediate effects to the environment that have occurred as a result of the reduction of travel and global movement.

With both the virus and with the environmental pollution, it’s become clear that we cannot be selfish and exclude ourselves from our involvement in the matters. In just two months of forced travel reduction we have made a CRAZY difference. Why does it take being forced to quarantine and stay closer to home to realise what beautiful things we can do to our home, planet Earth?

For more sustainability tips, check out this blog post.

18. Switch up your workout routine

We’ve probably all got our gym membership or go-to workout class that we religiously attended, but all over the world gyms are out of bounds now.

Support people online and indulge in some of the incredible workouts on offer. Not only can do continue to work out at home but YouTube workouts are FREE! Here are a few suggestions:

19. Netflix it up and listen to some new podcasts

Not that you need the encouragement. You can even watch Netflix with your friends and loved ones from a distance with the ‘Netflix Party’ chrome plug-in.

Best podcasts to listen to in 2021


What are your top tips for staying positive?

Have you found any new habits to have a positive effect? I’d love to know!

Love as always and happy adventuring,


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19 ways to stay positive during the COVID-19 pandemic
19 ways to stay positive during the COVID-19 pandemic
19 ways to stay positive during COVID-1919 ways to stay positive during COVID-1919 ways to stay positive during COVID-1919 ways to stay positive during COVID-1919 ways to stay positive during COVID-1919 ways to stay positive during COVID-19




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