The Pros and Cons of Vanlife: The reality of life on the road

It’s strange to think that three years ago, I had no concept of what van life was. I was working in a regular 9-5 in Sydney, Australia, commuting to and from a one-bedroom apartment, dreaming of a life outside those four walls and suburbia. While those around me spoke of houses, corporate ladders, marriage and […]

10 reasons to rent a campervan for a road trip this summer...​

10 reasons to rent a campervan for a road trip this summer

Nothing says adventure like the arrival of summer and what better way to explore than on 4 wheels? If you are yet to rent a campervan for a summer road trip, it might be time to consider it. Open roads, beautiful park up spots, a home with you wherever you go and a community unlike […]

The best day trips from Copenhagen...​

The best day trips from Copenhagen

Are you looking for the best day trips from Copenhagen? Then you are in luck! In this blog post, I will be going through exactly that. There are many incredible places to visit near Copenhagen. These places include some of the best castles in Denmark, jaw-dropping nature sites, and destinations with a rich history.  Exploring […]

The Broads National Park: my complete guide​ and best things to do in the Broads

A complete guide to The Broads National Park, England

The Broads National Park is without a doubt one of the best places to visit in England, it’s even a strong contender for the best places to visit in the UK There are so many fun things to do on The Broads, and in this blog post I’m going to share some of my favourites […]

Top tips for a USA coast to coast road trip

Whether you’re gone for 2 weeks or embarking on a 6-month road trip in the USA, driving across America is an unbelievable experience. From the USA national parks to the bustling cities, you can customize your trip to fit your personal adventure. If you’re wondering how to plan your USA coast to coast road trip, […]