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Koh Phi Phi

Updated On 19th June, 2018

After our Phi Phi detour previously we had successfully seen, not much of the island. But as we continued where we left off in Koh Tao we finally made our way back down to Koh Phi Phi as originally planned.

After the lack of civilisation on the last two islands we couldn’t wait to get…home (Phi Phi).

And home it definitely was at Harmony House. Having stayed here on our latter visit, we were warmly welcomed back at a nice reduced price, because ‘we are like part of the family’.

Knowing the ropes by now, we bought a pack of water and filled up our fridge. 
The water here in Phi Phi is twice the price of the same water in Koh Samui! (14 baht – 7 baht) which is still cheap but I notice these kinda things…

I have had eyelash extensions for nearly 2 years and Leanne also has them done back home.

We agreed to be organic travellers but we. just. couldn’t. wait. any. longer.
So we gave in. 
500baht out here which is about £10.
(although I will say they aren’t anything like the ones back home…)
How many Thais does it take to put an eyelash on?!

The beautiful main beach of Koh Phi phi

Local guy cutting and creating amazing denim!!!


The more and more I hear about coconut the more I love it. Amazing for health, hair, skin…
and these coconut doughnuts are so yum!
Definitely going to try make some of these when I’m home!
Couldn’t resist a night back out in Phi Phi

Lan and I

Here comes trouble…

…uh oh

Banana bar!

Dojo bar

Skyping my little bear back home:-)

Banana bars rooftop terrace.

…and their rooftop cinema. Each night they play a different movie after the sun has set but before the nightlife starts. 

So we opted in for a viewing of Hangover 2, which is actually set in Thailand.
We drew way to many parallels to this film.

Jelly Belly Ice cream parlour mix 🙂

Havent done this since I was a kid!

Signs of way too much time on my hands…

Here we go again!

And for the 3rd time since we have been here, the heavens wonderfully opened for us… but we soldiered on though the puddles…

…and then gave into a massage.

Coconut oil obviously 🙂

We had come back to phi phi to do some of the tourist trips and activities, so we tagged along with some friends we had met and booked one that goes around all the little islands and beaches, including Maya Bay (where The Beach was filmed).
First stop, Monkey beach.

Surprisingly enough it’s not actually a beach that you go to, there is about a metre of sand and the monkey all hang from trees and rocks for you to feed them…

I am a massive animal lover but after a couple of encounters with animals I swear I was being cautious…

Anyway the boys were feeding the monkeys whilst Leanne and myself asked someone to take a photo for us. We slowly turned around to stand in frame with the monkeys for a photo.

We never actually got one.

Just after this photo, a monkey came from behind me and bit my calve. 

I got back onto the boat and away from the monkeys (obviously) in shock, and went to the Thai boat driver, who didn’t speak a word of English.
Infact he started throwing hand gestures and getting annoyed that he would have to turn the boat round to take me back and we had already started the trip.
Health and safety is not a priority.
Welcome to Thailand.

He handed me a first aid kit and I decided to see the rest of the trip through and seek medical attention when I got back to the island. I had had the Rabies pre-exposure jab which allowed me time before I receive medical attention so I cleaned my wound and wrapped it up.

I can’t really say I was in the mood to take many photos so this post is slightly lacking, but I had just been bitten by a monkey…

To get to Maya bay it is again a danger hazard where you have to jump out of your boat and swim with the tide to some steps hidden amongst the rocks. 

With enough to worry about I left my camera on the boat and one of the boys took his waterproof camera. 
So photos from there will be delayed!
As soon as we arrived back I went straight to get seen, slightly fearing the possibility of rabies…

If you have ever been to Thailand, Koh Phangan in particular, you will agree with me when I say every other person has a bandage or injury of some sort.

…and now I well and truley fit in. 

Never one to like missing out!

After being bitten you have to have 3 post rabies injections on day 0, 3 + 7. Plus antibiotics for me because it was a saliva bite. This knocked me out Ill for the last couple of days in Phi Phi unfortunately but there wasn’t really much I could do!

After a couple of days relaxing and making the most of Phi Phi, it was finally time to leave again!

Déjà vu at this pier, saying goodbye to people.
But now it was our turn.

I can say this time I was actually thankful to leave, never fun being Ill when you are abroad, and for the first time I was missing my own bed.
But all I had to do was think of sitting at home in the rain and I was okay again…




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