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Gili Island Life - Part 2

Updated On 26th April, 2020

I won’t rabbit on for too long, I can pretty much sum up what we did for the rest of our time on the Gili Islands in 3 little words…

…oh wait and we went on a little Snorkelling trip around the 3 Gilis.

Breakfast on our balcony:-)

Snorkelling trip.

Lunch at Neverland Beach Bar, Gili Air.

Egoiste beach lounge, Gili Trawangan.

I beamed with a smile for two reasons when I opened this menu.

1. We haven’t had a fresh strawberry daquiri since Phi Phi and here it was…
2. We were in time for happy hour, buy one get one free!
Happy travellers! 🙂

I love this sleepy heat when the sun starts to go down…

We headed to the other side of the island to watch the sunset with a mini picnic…

…wasn’t quite the sunset last night as the clouds had decided to hide it for us, but it was still beautiful and so peaceful…

Local beer 🙂

One of my favourite things about this island is the Food night markets.

It’s located along the main strip on Gili Trawangan (you can’t miss it) and it’s just an array of stalls and stands selling local delicacies.

I had the Mie Goreng Ayam, which in English is fried noodles with chicken.

Cost me…wait for it…10,000 Rupiah.
15,000 Rupiah is £1.
I know- satisfaction.

Obviously headed to the pudding stand where you could create a little selection of your own sweets for 5,000 rupiah each.

I only took my camera on the last night which happened to be the last night the pancake stand didn’t come out. Luckily I was full but it meant I couldn’t take some snaps.

When I say pancake, I mean not your ordinary pancake. 
It was literally a cake in a pan, so a cakepan. With ANY combination of topping you could want.
I previously had had: Banana, chocolate + milk.
And then: Banana, coconut + milk.
These were only 12,000 rupiah.
I literally wish it was this cheap at home, that’s a main meal and a pudding for 22,000 rupiah (£1.47)!!!!
Never did manage to try the fruit stand out…
Leanne gives in every time… this time DVD’s.
Although i’ll let her off, she got Hangover 3 which is apparently meant to be rubbish but i can’t wait to watch it anyway!

Then Leanne gave into the bracelet man…

…and we took this opportunity to do a wee bit of promotion. He said he would share my links on his facebook… in return for my iphone.
No deal…

Last night on the island :'(

It’s a known fact now that no matter what time we go to bed, I rise at about 9.30am (ish) and Leanne… not until at least 11/12pm.
So whilst she was sleeping I sat outside our home and watched the world go by. Well not quite the world- but thats the saying right?

I hooked onto wifi, and it didnt take long for two friendly little locals to approach me.
The only way we could really communicate was with ‘hello’, waves and silly faces. So we did so for a while.
As all young kids are, they became fascinated with my iphone and i let them have a little wander on it.

They then discovered the camera…

They we literally so cute and the fact that we laughed so much without verbal communication was so lovely.

Life really is good…

But there was no escaping the fact we were about to leave. But leave on a high we did. We packed our backpacks and headed to the beach to catch our boat back to Bali.

Last little glimpse of paradise 🙁

Not impressed.
Our whole 9 weeks of travelling has been so relaxed. If we have loved a place we have been fortunate enough to stay until we get bored and if we dont we have been able to move on.
Unfortunately, for the first time we are on a schedule and we have a plane from Bali to Singapore, so there was no room for negotiation.
My 5 year old self made an appearance…

But Gili T is going nowhere, and one thing is for sure.
I will be back.

We arrived back in Ubud, where we had left our bike, grabbed some lunch at our favourite restaurant and then rode back down to Kuta.
We rode an hour in the wrong direction and nearly died a few times but we eventually made it back to Kuta in one piece and handed our bikes back.
We were being picked up to go to the airport at 4am for a 6am flight and so went to Sky Garden for one last drink. (Ended up being a free one as they hand out free drinks on top floor for an hour 9am-10pm, which brings all the skint travellers together)

3 hours sleep, and we were off to Singapore for a long weekend before heading back to the UK…

3 days left…




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