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Gili Island life - Saving the best for last

Updated On 26th April, 2020

After Malaysia we kind of felt on a downer. I mean as much of a downer as you can get the otherside of the world with no work to do, no worries and nowhere particular to be.
But the sun had been hiding behind the clouds for a while, and as much as Thailand is overly commercial, we were missing the groups of travellers alike…

Our spontaneous trip to Bali had surprised us and we had quickly fallen in love with it’s beauty and simplicity, from Meditation and volcanos to watching dolphins over sunrise. 
Whilst we were on this side of the world we had been told we HAVE to visit the Gili islands. Quite happy in Bali we decided we would just allocate one night over on the islands and so we booked from our little village Ubud for a morning ferry. 500,000 rupiah each for an open return (about £33) which included transfers.
We headed to the main island, Gili Trawangan, which hosts the main spot of all 3 islands, although they are minutes apart by boat so you can easily hop across at a small cost.

It was love at first sight.

As we climbed down from the boat, and touched our toes in the warm water we both did a little happy dance inside and knew we were back home again…

First things first- we had a spot of lunch and took in the view…

…before having a little nosey around.

Each country we have visited has a different form of transport. Phi phi was so small it has no cars and you just walked on foot everywhere. Bangkok hosted the tuk tuks. Chiang Mai – the jeep. Malaysia – standard car. And now Indonesia push the boat out with horse and cart.

As much as I hate animals being used in this way in this heat, the sound of the bells as they trott from behind you with the gentle breaking of the sea waves in the background is just magical.

Locals having some homemade fun!

I am still so taken by the beautiful shades of blue in the sea. I am literally in awe of how beautiful it is here.

Determined to soak up these moments and appreciate them before I return to the 12 month winter in England…

I know you can’t not like a boat really, but these boats remind me of spiders and i hate spiders….

After checking in to Trawangan Cottages, we dropped our bags and headed to the beach. We hadnt sunbathed for nearly two weeks so you couldn’t get us on that beach quick enough…

heaven heaven heaven right there.
Meet our friend G.

Island life is our favourite life.

Lying around all day listening to music, chatting to carefree people and having everyone in one place (don’t have to walk far either!! not lazy promise). 
The only reason we have to move is to call a waiter over or to have a dip in the crisp ocean water…

We have been so busy the last 5 days in Bali, we see this as a…well deserved relax.

Tried my best to justify it.

Hey Leanne that’s ‘Nacho’ lunch is it?

I had called upon my good friend google again for a bit of knowledge on the island. As much as we love being beach bums, we were the other side of the world and felt we should probably explore.

And what better way than on a Tandem bicycle?

Slightly worried for my life when Leanne offered to drive…

…but it meant I could sit on the back and be a camera whore 🙂

We headed clockwise around the island…

It only takes 1 hour 45min by foot to walk around the island and about 45 minutes by bike. 

A proper island, just like in the movies.

Half way round we opted for refreshments and eyed up a perfect location to come back to later to watch the sunset.

Chocolate milkshake.

Tasted like the chocolate milk you get at the bottom of a bowl of coco pops! YUM.

Myself and Lan literally in heaven.

Local birthday party 🙂

Just when you think it couldn’t get more beautiful…the sun begins to set and all the twinkly lights turn on…

Bonfires start, candles are lit and the reggae music begins to echo…

Honestly this sunset was the most beautiful one I have EVER seen.

(maybe because it was pink and purple)
This picture below is one of my Favourites I’ve taken on this trip, my kind of heaven.

Over the past 8 weeks, we have been fortunate enough to travel to many beautiful islands and to so many paradises in their own right.

Just when I thought I’d seen it all, again I have been spoilt with another heaven on earth.
I am 100% in love with this island, and everything in that moment just seemed so perfect.
I honestly dont feel i could be any happier or luckier as I am right now.

…and to top off a perfect day, we found a bar with English cider.

So pleased with ourselves that we decided to allocate our one night on the Gili Islands half way through our stay in Indonesia. Otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to push back, squeeze in and rearrange our plans to stay here an extra 3 days…


Mollie xoxo
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