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Stables Market: A Day In Camden

A day in Camden is definitely up there as one of my favourite kind of days.

Last time I went, I rocked up on my Boris bike before heading to Nobu Unplugged!

It’s not an hour jobby Camden. There so much to see and do, and thats without eating and people watching… which i can say, reaches A PEAK in Camden.

We ventured no further than The Stables Market which, as usual, provided all the entertainment we needed.

First things first, we were hungry.

People usually have a lot to say about the stall food in Camden…

‘You just don’t know what’s in there’ blah blah.

But seriously, we don’t know what goes in half of the food we eat, half of the population eats McDonalds anyway. We KNOW what’s in that – and yet we still eat it!?

As long as you don’t eat it everyday, that’s my rule!

Food benches, Camden Market

We then continued the bad (but yummy) food spell and headed to one of the crepe stalls…

Strawberry, Nutella and Fresh Cream Crepe, Stables Market, Camden.

You KNOW that is the best bit.
All the flavour and yumminess sinks to the bottom, just like when you get to the bottom of the Cornetto and there’s all that chocolate! 😀

Meet Alan…
Apparently he is a Guinness Record Breaking ‘Town Crier’.

Whatever that is!… Anyway such a happy man, and I LOVE HAPPY PEOPLE.

We then headed to CACTUS LEATHER, the leather shop just down the stairs from the food court (by the statue horses).

Here they custom design pretty much anything leather.

They have gorgeous gorgeous bags, wallets, purses, jewellery and you can even choose your own leather and buckle and have a custom belt made!

I think the belts were only £25 and the leather was beautiful (i love the smell of fresh leather!!)

Whilst we weren’t needing anything in particular, we observed them making their bits and bobs and as we went to leave, the kind man gave us both a leather bracelet :).
I actually love it and have donated it to my boyfriend as a present. (It’s actually really smart and because its leather, its SUPER good quality and a perfectly simple accessory.)
We then headed next door where we rummaged through vintage dungarees, jumpers, boots and coats!

I then bought me my first ever christmas jumper!!!

They are literally the CUTEST here! They are the kind that look like they should be worn in an old christmas film all curled up by the fire!

Super cute and mine was only £18!

(Above left – Personalised caps) 
(Above right – the cutest little hidden tea room inbetween the massive library of old books!)

Busker, Stables Market, Camden, London.

Special little shout out to the ‘Blaze On’ shop (picture on right above). They have some super cute fairy lights in all different shapes, colours and sizes!
I know I was looking to decorate my room with a while back. All i could come across was christmas lights or outdoor lights when i just wanted some ‘pretty little lights’.
Now i know where to come!
So here the website if you fancy a look: 
(enter the code ‘fairy’ for £2 off!)
Yumchaa Tea Room, Camden.
We then popped to a little hotspot just a minute walk from the stables market. One i have been meaning to go to for a while – Yumchaa.
Once we had warmed ourselves up with some tea, we headed back down to the market…

One of the main reasons I love Camden so much is that there is yummy food e v e r y w h e r e! 
Doughtnuts, crepes, homemade sushi, mulled wine, hog roast – you name it!

Annoyingly, we were still full from the chinese and crepes, but the smell was yummy enough!

Apparently, everyone knows this shop is here. I however, have been to Camden on many occasions and never been in. 
Next time you are in Camden and you see the glowing lights and pumping music – have a look. It has many floors, each of which will continue to surprise you – i promise…

Okay so eventually we gave in and had some doughnuts! 🙂

We got a selection for £2.50, one caramel topped, one chocolate topped, one vanilla and the other a fresh sugar doughnut!

As you can see, I picked up some wonderful new glasses from the market…

Believe it or not… when i was younger i used to BEG my mum to let me get glasses?!
I even used to pretend to not be able to read the letters in the opticians! 
Am i on my own on this one?! Haha!

 Like the kid that I am, I headed home wearing everything I had bought!
Bracelet, glasses, bobble hat and my new christmas jumper!

Another lovely day with my best friend in Camden!

Mollie xoxo

P.s. Stay tuned for Christmas party outfit!

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