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10 Ways To Deal With Those Post Travel Blues

So you work hard all year, save for that trip, count down the days till you leave, you leave, you bloody enjoy it, but before you know it the cycle begins again and you find yourself wishing your life away simply living for those 2/3 weeks of the year.

Sound familiar?

Living for 2/3 weeks out of 52.
We can’t go on like this can we?
See just how many you are wasting / wishing away?
No wonder it sucks when your flight lands back home.
But don’t worry. It’s all in the preparation and mind set. 
Here’s my top tips to help and manage those post travel blues:
1. Think a little smaller
 I know the quotes always tell you to think big, but when you don’t have the money or time to travel abroad every time a burst of wanderlust hits you, it’s time to think slightly smaller.
Too often we focus on places far from home, and neglect the places we have right on our doorstep.
Write a bucket list of 5 places that are just a train or drive away from you, places you could explore on a weekend or after work. 
You can still obtain the freedom, peace and adventure you love about a holiday – in shorter, cheaper bursts.
2. Indulge in the planning
I don’t know about you but when I know I’m heading to a new destination, the first thing i do is head onto Pinterest (see my Pinterest page here) and research all the cool places and things i can see when I’m there. 
I’ll scrawl a million accounts gaining inspiration, and with it, comes a lot of excitement before i’ve even got there.
(download pinterest on your phone for the rainy days or the long commutes to work – a great pick me up)
3. Follow Travel blogs / Youtubers / Instagram
When i haven’t got the time to travel, I find myself caught up in other peoples adventures. If they have spent the time capturing it for you – use and abuse! 
Live vicariously and get inspired…
Some of my favourite instagrams:
4. Bring what you loved – home
And no… not your holiday romance, well, as long as you aren’t dragging them, i guess you can.
But really, I’m talking smells, foods, drinks, music, decoration & really, just culture.
When i got back from Bali (The Gili Islands) I was super blue (travel blues) and was just aching to go back. 
Randomly, i stumbled across Dub Jam in Covent Garden and with a simple rum punch, some reggae music, colourful junk infused decoration and super friendly service – i was transported RIGHT back to Gili Trawangan and I couldn’t take the smile off my face.
Likewise when I see and choose pad thai, chang beer or mai tai’s from a menu… The taste takes me straight back to reminisce and relive those special moments. So sometimes i do it – just for that feeling!
Realise what it is that you loved so much about that place or that moment and bring it back to life.
5. Embrace what you learnt
That new dish you fell in love with, cook it for your friends. 
That language you fell in love with and begun speaking – take a 6 week course and pursue it. 
All those people that welcomed you and gave you advise when you were a tourist in a their country, give it back. 
Whether hosting an Air Bnb, Coach Surfing or just helping someone that looks lost on the street.
Kindness is free and its a beautiful thing.
6. Keep trying new things
Put a date in your diary once a week, once a month or once every two – whatever is realistic for you. 
Take your boyfriend / best friend / mum / dog and go explore somewhere new. 
It may be a new cafe that has opened, a 4 hour walk with a beautiful view that you’ve never done or an adrenalin rush you’ve never tried. 
Change is refreshing, exciting and helps the developent and happiness of you as a person. 
There really is more to life than the 4 same walls you may find yourself between. 
I mean worst case, you can realise you didn’t like it (always the best stories). And anyway, next month you’re trying something new again…
7.  Lose the concept of time
We live by alarms we have to wake up for, times we have to be in to work for, schedules we have to prepare for and well.. just notice how many times a day we look at our watches or iPhones… tracking our own movement.
It’s life yes. But it’s also robotic and controlled.
Travel for me emphasises freedom.
It could be a weekend where you turn off social media COMPLETELY, or maybe just leave your phone at home when you’re out of the house. There are at least 2 times a week (Saturday and Sunday) where the majority of 9-5ers can still seek that freedom.
Embrace it.
8. Treasure what you have at home
Simply put ‘focusing on the positives, not the negatives’ into action.
I’m sure we could all think of places we’d rather be and moments we’d rather escape back to. I’m sure we can all then talk ourselves into utter misery when we realise we won’t be going there/ back any time soon.
Don’t dwell on it. You’re wasting time.
Travel is special and precious because it’s rare. Let it stay like that. 
Meanwhile be thankful for the amazing family you have, the bed you are lucky enough to wake up in, the variety of food you can choose from today and the friends you can go and pop round too.
Write a list of 10 things you are grateful for and get it out whenever you need a reminder.
9. Start a scrapbook
My favourite thing to do when i’m feeling blue is get out my scrapbook and look through all the memories and things i’ve done. It soon puts a smile back on your face. 
Our minds are so good at remembering bad things and forgetting half the amazing things we’ve done.
Start it now. 
I remember starting mine at 17, wishing i had started earlier and thinking whats the point (silly i know). 
But now, 4 years later – I am so thankful i just started there and then.
Do it. 
10. Plan your next trip ASAP
Basically, i can give you all the coping mechanisms in the world to ease the pain… but really if you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, there really is no way to satisfy it than to book a ticket and begin the next adventure!

What’s next on your bucket list?
How do you deal with the post travel blues?!

Thank you for reading, lots of love…
Mollie xxxx

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