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REVIEW: Vietnam Backpacker Hostel Collection

Updated On 19th June, 2018

Vietnam backpacker hostels are known to be the ‘Mad Monkeys’ of Vietnam, a.k.a. the best hostel collection to stay at should you be looking to :
1. Mingle with and meet other backpackers 
2. Party

Vietnam Backpackers have four hostels across Vietnam:
– Hanoi Backpackers ‘The Original’
– Hanoi Backpackers ‘Downtown’
– Hue Backpackers Hostel
– Hoi An Backpackers Hostel (actually called DK’s House)

I stayed at, and can only speak from my experience at Hanoi Backpacker’s ‘Downtown’, but i assume they are all run in a similar fashion.

Here’s a lowdown of my stay at Hanoi Backpackers ‘Downtown’ should you be considering a visit yourself…

Hanoi Backpackers ‘Downtown’ Location

HB Downtown is perfectly located in the Old Quarter of the city. The Old Quarter is the most popular place for tourists to stay and within easy walking distance from most of Hanoi’s biggest attractions.

Read my latest post: ‘A Backpackers Guide To Vietnam’ for more information on the best things to do and see in Hanoi, PLUS my favourite finds and recommendations!

What are the dorms like?

We turned up to HB Downtown having not booked in advance… twice, and managed to get a bed both times. Saying that, our friends came the day after us and the hostel was full, so if you particuarly want to stay in this hostel and you know your dates, i’d recommend booking in advance because it’s a popular hostel!

The first time, we bagged 2 single beds in a female dorm and the second time we both shared a double bed bunk (one of two double beds that were bunked on top of each other!)

If you book in advance you are also, obviously, more likely to get your preferred option of sleeping, be it a mixed dorm, a single sex dorm, a double bed or a private room… all of which these hostels cater for.

We payed 180,000 VND each for our stay which is equivalent to around £5.30. 

{this price includes a complimentary breakfast of: banana pancakes / 2 eggs on toast / fruit salad served until 10am}

This isn’t extortionate for Hanoi but you can certainly find beds a little cheaper e.g. £3 if you are on a tight budget. Here at Hanoi Backpackers you are paying for the brand, the western culture it hosts and the great location.

(You are also required to pay a 100,000 VND deposit (refundable) each for your room key, and towel hire is too available at reception for 100,000 VND deposit (refundable) and 10,000 VND rent)

Here’s a little look into our female dorm at Hanoi Backpackers Downtown…

Each bed (usually standard in any hostel) comes with a mini safe (key provided) and an under bed or external locker in which you can lock up your backpack / bigger items (you will be expected to provide your own lock for this).
Aswell, we each had a plug socket and a reading lamp beside our bed.
(see below)
 {the view over Hanoi from our girls dorm in Downtown Hanoi Backpackers}


As you walk into the hostel you are greeted with the reception desk, the booking desk (should you wish to book any tours or transport) and a communal area with a bar serving a full menu of food and beverages (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic).

Here on the ground floor there is also a lift which gives you access to the 7 floors of the hostel…

Floor 1 
The Reception / Dining area
Floor 2-4 + 6-7 
Dorms and rooms
Floor 5 
Free internet access, beanbags / chill area (they play lots of movies!), an outdoor balcony + pool tables


Now, I would be lying if I said the hostel didn’t come alive every night. 
Saying that, you don’t need to worry about noise pollution keeping you up all night as the music gets turned off at 12pm and keen party-goers head elsewhere.

Every evening at HB Downtown is host to a different theme, most of which include free drinks somewhere down the line, so they certainly know how to get people in the mood. 

Should you miss out on a bed at HB Downtown, fear not, for both the bar and restaurant are open to the public! 
Anyone and everyone is welcome to head down to HB Downtown, any time of the day, to enjoy the backpacker buzz.

Luring in the backpackers with the frequent happy hours and cocktail deals, the evenings at HB Downtown become the perfect opportunity to meet and socialise with other backpackers, ideal if you are a solo traveller!

Should you be a keen party goer, you may have heard on the grapevine about The Castaway Tour?

Before I arrived in Hanoi I was totally confused as to what it actually was, so should you be in the same position let me give you a brief lowdown…
(full review + blog post to follow)

The Castaway Tour is a tour of Halong Bay exclusive to Vietnam Backpackers (they are the only ones that run this specific trip).

It is a trip filled with young backpackers and a guaranteed PARTY!

You can choose between 2 days + 1 night OR 3 days + 2 nights (of course with the option to extend if you want to but we found 3 days more than enough!)

The trip begins as you embark, from the hostel, on a 4-5 hour coach and boat journey to Cat Bai where you then get one last boat through Halong Bay over to Castaway Island (a teeny tiny exclusive beach with a few bungalows on, surrounded by cliffs).

This island  (beach) will be where you sleep and where you, and the rest of the group, will base yourself and your belongings for the duration of the trip. 

There are numerous beach bungalows lined along the beach for you to sleep in, each set up like a dorm room with bunkbeds.

The days involve watersports, junk boat cruises, kayaks, beach volleyball, sunbathing, dancing and  drinking.
And the nights?  More dancing and more drinking!

Sound like your kinda thing?
‘MY CASTAWAY TOUR EXPERIENCE’ coming soon to my blog!


See the Vietnam Backpackers Official Website for more information on accommodation and tours here


Have you guys ever been to Hanoi?

What did you get up to? Any recommendations?

Happy adventuring 🙂

Mollie xxxx

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