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A list of the best brunch spots for you to try in London

Something I always appreciate when I come back to London from my travels is the food scene.

Here in London we have an incredibly diverse offering of restaurants, cafes, bars, pop up and brunch spots. There are vegan, gluten-free and heavy meat options galore. There are streets dedicated to Lebanese food, Curry houses and date night spots. There’s something for everyone, and then some.

Personally, brunch is my favourite meal of the day. Give me grilled halloumi, smashed avocado, perfectly poached eggs and a cup of oat milk coffee any day of the week and I’ll be smiling like a Cheshire cat.

Given this clear passion I have for brunch, you can bet I’ve made my way around a fair few London brunch hangouts during my 3 years of living here and this post is all about me sharing those with you.

These brunch spots are located all over London so hopefully it gives you plenty of opportunity to head to one, wherever it is you’re living!

A list of the best brunch spots for you to try in London…

1. Megan’s, Parsons Green

My favourite dish: The veggie brunch

I seem to have misplaced my brunch photos from this day. I’ll go again ASAP to add them in but seriously. I don’t know what they do to the mushrooms here but they are worth a visit alone. The menu is a healthy, wholesome one with a Mediterranean twist and it’s the kind of place you can get your matcha latte fix. Megan’s has a few locations now, each of which is incredible instagrammable and has very cosy, delicately decorated interiors. The perfect spot to head with your friends for a weekend brunch.

2. Lantana, Shoreditch

My favourite dish: Courgette bread with an added poached egg

A list of the best brunch spots in London

3. Caravan, Bankside

Another incredible Antipodean restaurant in London. Because Australia knows how to do brunch best. See the menu here. Unreal coffee and the most creative menu filled with all those little ‘extras’ like almond sunflower seed butter, buckwheat and tahini.

My favourite dish: Baked eggs, spiced tomato, pepper and chickpea ragu, rose harissa, greek yoghurt, flatbread, parsley.

4. Dishoom, South Kensington

Dishoom throws a curve ball onto your average brunch set-up. This modern Indian cuisine is elegantly presented in its interior and first class in its food. Despite your first impressions of an Indian breakfast (well mine anyway), the choices aren’t heavy. They are packed with flavour and make for an outside-the-box brunch. See the menu here.

My favourite dish is soy Keema Per Eedu. It’s veggie, but there’s a meaty option too! See picture below.

A list of the best brunch spots in London
A list of the best brunch spots in London

5. Manuka Kitchen, London

An intimate yet very relaxed location filled with fresh daylight in the heart of Fulham. The menu is locally sourced and vibrant in its offerings. We had: crushed avocado, red quinoa, feta, and mint on sourdough and shared a Crunchy Pot with Greek yogurt, homemade honey granola, berries & pomegranate.

I loved the little touch of Manuka honey that came with the beetroot latte I ordered. It’s all in the detail, right? See the menu and website here.

A list of the best brunch spots in London
A list of the best brunch spots in London

6. L’Eto, Kings Road

Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner this place is just divine. They have branches across London so be sure to check out the different locations. I often go for a healthy lunch so have never actually had the breakfast/brunch but by the standard of the lunch buffet – I think you’re on to a definite winner.

You can see the menu here. I’d be keen for the Arabic breakfast which consists of aubergine yoghurt, halloumi cheese, soft-boiled egg, beetroot hummus, flatbread, fava beans, battering tomatoes.

7. Daisy Green Collection

Okay so I feel like I keep saying this but it’s simply because all of the locations on this blog post are insane. Hence why they made it here. I’m a sucker for an Australian-inspired menu and this is right up there. It was one of the first brunch spots I went to when I moved to London and since they’ve become so popular they’ve expanded to TEN LOCATIONS!!

I’d say go to whichever is near you, they are all very similar in what they offer food-wise.

One you have to try in particular because of the location is Darcie & May Green where you can sit in the summer on the upper deck and dine with views down the canal. See this location in Paddington here.

See their menus and website here.

8. Brew Cafe, Wandsworth

Another antipodean-style menu with all the yummy fritters and pancakes and egg combinations you could dream of on a Sunday morning. They have juices, smoothies and all the nut milk for coffees. One thing I would advise though is not to accidentally order a side of avocado lol… £6.50. Speechless.

My favourite dish? SWEETCORN FRITTERS w/ avocado, tomato jam & lime aioli

See the website and menu here.

9. The Farmers Mistress, Battersea

This is my new local. Well, it’s a lovely 15-minute walk from my new rental in London so I’m currently working my way through the menu as each weekend comes by.

If you’re into your matcha lattes, cashew creams, avocados and gorgeous superfood smoothie and hot drink combinations, this menu is one of those you’ll be pondering over for a good 20 minutes. It’s filled with heavenly goodness.

There’s been a queue the 3 times I’ve been down so make sure you leave time for it to be busy if you head down on the weekend. It’s worth the wait!

My favourite dishes are the farmer’s corn fritters or the goodness bowl with added avocado! On and with a carrot ginger and lemon fresh juice!

See the menu here.

A guide to the best brunch spots in London
A guide to the best brunch spots in London
A guide to the best brunch spots in London

10. Hallie’s

I haven’t been here for years but it’s a gorgeous Californian brunch spot with another divine menu for you to feast on (there are honestly no bad locations in this blog post).

My favourite dish? Wild mushrooms on toasted brioche with a poached egg & truffle oil £8.50

See the menu and website here.

11. Tell Your Friends

An epic vegan spot in Parson’s Green serving seasonal dishes, comfort foods with a vegan spin and healthy bowls. It’s in a gorgeous quiet location, perfect for a lazy weekend brunch with friends.

See the menu and website here.

12. Palm Vaults, Hackney

Location: 411 Mare Street | Hackney | London | E8 1HY

13. Ben’s Canteen, Clapham

A very chilled environment, a great menu and… they have smashed avocado. That’s what you were wondering, right?

My favourite dish? Smashed Avo, Pink Kraut, Pea Shoots, Poached Egg, Sunflower & Chia Seeds (v)

See the website and menu here.

14. Farm Girl, Notting Hill

I still haven’t managed to eat here yet. The time I planned to dine there, there was such a big queue to sit down and well, we were just too hungry and couldn’t wait 45 minutes! Signs of a great spot at least?

They have other locations in Soho and Chelsea. See the website and menu here.

15. Duck & Waffle, Bishopsgate.

Pricey but perfect for a special occasion, check out London’s highest 24/7 restaurant for British-European fusion foods.

See the website and menu here.

Check out my sunrise experience for my birthday here.

Breakfast at Duck and Waffle, Bishopsgate, London

Where’s your favourite spot for brunch in London?

BRUNCH FOR THE WIN! I’d love to know!

Love as always + happy adventuring,






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