A budget safari at Addo National Park, South Africa

Landing in Port Elizabeth + Adventures in Addo, Eastern Cape South Africa

South Africa absolutely took my breath away last month when I got to explore the Eastern Cape with South Africa Tourism. The incredible diversity that I witnessed during my week, in just a small section of the country, got me instantly itching to go back and uncover more. I know SA was on my bucket […]

STORYTIME… Staring death right in the face, on my own, in the desert.

Wow. How lucky I am to be alive right now. First things first, I am okay and with no major injuries. I have just woken today with a very sore neck and back and slightly bruised ribs. I  got  off    v e r y   lightly, considering what happened to me yesterday. Yesterday morning, […]

Where to catch the most perfect sunset in Formentor, Mallorca

I have had so many people ask where to find the little spot on which we watched the sunset in Mallorca, and it’s really no big secret! I guess not everyone clambers down the side of a mountain with ciders and a picnic blanket to this little ledge though, hence why my imagery is a [...]

My Travelopo Villa in Mal Pas, Mallorca

At the beginning of the month I headed out to Mallorca, one of the Balearic Islands in Spain, to explore, relax (a little) and document my stay. The lovely guys at Travelopo hosted my stay in one of their exclusive villas, and I took along my best friend for the ride. Our villa was a […]

Arriving in Cambodia

Not sure why we had thought it was a good idea to do an all nighter on our 6 hour layover in Malaysia as we waited for our 7am connecting flight to Siem Reap, Cambodia. But we did. This, obviously, made us rather tired and made the whole customs situation when we arrived in Cambodia – a […]