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11 reasons you MUST add Vorarlberg, Austria to your bucket list

Just four weeks ago, I had no idea where Vorarlberg was and I had absolutely no idea what awaited me there. I cannot believe that for so long I had been left in the dark about this magical land that sits in Austria, Europe. I have a feeling some of you are probably in exactly the […]

10 top tips for responsible van life

Sustainable van life is a way of travelling that I cannot wait to throw myself more into this summer in @wheresmolliesvan. Now that my van is complete and I have been able to enjoy it in parts of Europe such as France and Portugal, I can’t wait to see more of Europe in my van and try a few […]

An ultimate 8-day itinerary for Croatia: Split, Hvar & Dubrovnik

The ultimate Europe bucket list: the best things to do

From the mountains in France and Switzerland, to the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia and the Albanian Riviera, from epic road trips through Iceland and climbing experiences in Norway, to exploring the European capital cities of Rome, Dubrovnik and London, and so much more, I have been lucky enough to have my fair share of Europe [...]