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The best time to go to Bali: Which month is best?

Sounds like you’re planning a trip to Bali? Are you wondering when on earth is the best time to visit Bali?

If you’ve found this by searching on Google ‘Bali best time to visit’, then I’ve created this post for you.

This blog post is dedicated to helping you decide when is the best time to go to Bali and how the climate changes throughout the year. That way you can make an informed decision as to when you plan your trip to Bali.

Wet seasons in Bali? Dry seasons in Bali? Peak months in Bali? Dead months in Bali? I’m going to cover it all. That way you can plan your trip to Bali at the best time of the year for your desires.


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The best time to go to Bali: Which month is best?

Before we dive into the climate of each month in the calendar year it’s important to note here that Bali is a desirable location all year round. Temperatures are tropical throughout the year and so despite people circling the idea that ‘wet season’ is a bad decision when it comes to booking a time to visit Bali, I disagree. Bali’s best time to go doesn’t fall in a single place, it falls on where your preferences fall.

Of course, if you’re planning a trip to Bali and you really want to reduce the odds of any rainfall, don’t book your trip in the wetter months. But honestly? Your visiting a tropical paradise, rainfall in inevitable and is the reason the island is so lush. There are so many things to do when it rains in Bali. See my bucket list of adventures to go on in Bali here.

I’ve visited during the wet season in Bali on three separate occasions and on none of those trips did the rain completely ruin my time.

I think the key is to decide what is most important to you? Sunshine? Good surf? Cheap prices? Low tourism?

Then have a look at the months below and see when those things occur in Bali and when the best time to go to Bali is for YOU.

The best time to go to Bali: Which month is best?
The best time to go to Bali: Which month is best?

Bali weather and tourism by month…


January in Bali is technically the wettest and coldest month, though by cold the average temperature is still 26℃. Still pretty dreamy. January falls in the wet season but the rainfall changes depending on the area. The central to northern corners of the island definitely see more rain than the south. I was in Bali for the whole of January 2020 and I noticed that the downpours usually occurred in the early-mid afternoon. So I literally planned my adventures around the mornings and made sure I got up early to make the most of the clear sunshine. There’s still plenty to do when it rains regardless.

Tip: Always pack a rain poncho if you are getting around by scooter, getting caught in the rain can be an unexpected plot twist!


February in Bali is pretty similar to January, with the average temperature still around 26℃. Tropical.  I was in Bali for the whole of February 2020 and I noticed that tourism dropped slightly compared to January so the potential for slightly lower prices and chances of a bargain!

Tip: Bring a couple of layers, the temperature can drop with the rain!


March is technically the last month in the wet season and so you will see considerably longer breaks in rainfall and more frequent clear blue skies. Nature starts to bloom and the lush greens glisten in the sunshine after a deep feed.

Tip: Nyepi (the Balinese day of silence) usually falls in March though the dates for Nyepi change from year to year because they are based on the Balinese Saka calendar which follows lunar phases. On this day the International airport (DPS) closes and the island engages in 24 hours of silence from 6 am – 6 pm. Plan your trip around this day as it will definitely affect your plans.


It’s coming into dry season! The month said to hold the most sunshine hours. Tourism starts to rise again and the island has some big festivals take place: Bali Spirit Festival and Ubud Food Festival are two of them.

This is a great month for weather and for catching lower tourism as April in Bali is considered a shoulder month between low season and high season.


May in Bali is typically the hottest month and so you’ll want to leave all your layers and jumpers at home. Temperatures average 28℃ and as you’re still in the shoulder season to peak tourism, you’re likely to get some gorgeous beach time without the crowds.

Tip: Pack your suncream and hydrate with some cold coconuts!


June in Bali marks the beginning of the high season so expect the tourism and crowds on the island to increase. Weather is great and vibes will be flowing.

Tip: Book ahead for high season accommodation to get yourself a good deal.

July and August

July and August in Bali are the months at the peak of tourism on the island and so you can expect the crowds in certain nooks and on certain beaches. There are plenty of international DJs and world-class events going on during this time so you’ll never be short of things to do but bear in mind that the roads, the beaches and the streets will be busier! Temperatures average 27℃.

Tip: Consider exploring the North of the island or some lesser-visited regions to witness the tranquil roots of Bali.


September in Bali is a shoulder month between the peak (dry) season and the wet season which is coming in November. September is considered one of the better months to visit Bali as tourism begins to drop but you are still hanging onto the dry, sunnier days. As you come out of peak season, prices start to lower and so you can bag yourself a better deal when it comes to accommodation and activities. Temperatures average 27℃.

Tip: For all you festival lovers, September is when Ultra Bali comes to Bali!


Still, a favoured month to travel Bali, October is another month of lower prices and tourism just before the wet season kicks in in November. You’ll start to see a few more downpours appearing throughout your days and tourism will be coming to a low.

Tip: October is the month that Ubud holds the Bali Vegan Festival


November is said to be the quietest month in Bali as the wet season kicks in. Though temperatures are still warm and your days still see sunshine. This could be the perfect month to book onto a retreat / embrace the islands vibes with a little more serenity.


Though December in Bali is technically in the heat of the wet season, tourism spikes over Christmas and New Year and so we see another little peak in prices and business on the island. Nusa Dua Light Festival takes place in December and temperatures average 27℃.

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The best time to go to Bali: Which month is best?
The best time to go to Bali: Which month is best?
The best time to go to Bali: Which month is best?




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