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24 best Mother's Day ideas and gifts

Updated On 25th March, 2024

When is Mother’s Day 2025 I hear you ask?

If you’ve found this post by searching when is mothers day uk / what date is mothers day then this post is for you and the answer?

In the UK Mother’s Day 2025 falls on Sunday 30th March.

It’s time to think outside the box and get creative for Mother’s Day 2025.

 Whether you’re celebrating in person or from a distance, there are plenty of fun ways to celebrate Mother’s Day 2025 and this blog post is filled with ideas to inspire you.

It’s time to make Mother’s Day 2025 at home the best one yet. 

After reading this post, I guarantee you’ll be filled with Mother’s Day at-home ideas that will fill your mum with an abundance of joy, happiness and love: something we are all in need of right now.

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Are you forced to spend Mother’s Day 2025 at home? 

Are you looking for cheap Mother’s Day ideas? 

Although you might think that it might not be as fun or as thoughtful, that certainly doesn’t have to be the case. I actually think there’s a beautiful silver lining in a Lockdown Mother’s Day or Mother’s Day at home because, where you don’t get sucked into the commercial pull (expensive restaurants, presents and jewellery), it encourages you to be a little more thoughtful and to think a little outside the box.

Mother’s Day 2025 dates: UK & Ireland: 30th March 2025|Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United States: 11th May 2021.

10 ways to show the person you love, that you love them

If you’re stuck at home in lockdown and looking for some Mother’s Day inspiration, you may have a little more time than usual to get crafty and creative. Diving into some of these Mother’s Day 2025 at home ideas is a great way to fill your time (and impress your mum!). See more things to do at home when you’re bored here.

Some of these ideas work perfectly for or are easily adapted for long-distance mother-child relationships too. Bring the ideas to life by doing the ideas in a socially-distanced manner, sending packages with activities for you to do together over Zoom, and more. Now that we’ve all become accustomed to the online world, even if it’s not the same, most face-to-face Mother’s Day ideas can become online Mother’s Day ideas. See more ideas for long-distance relationships here.

No excuses! Let there be love and lots of it.

24 best Mother’s Day at home ideas 2025:

1. Bring your Mum breakfast in bed.

Let your mum have that well-deserved lie in and bring her breakfast in bed! Show that you care, listen to and appreciate your mum on Mother’s Day 2025 by preparing her favourite breakfast or something that she wouldn’t normally have time to make, and take it upstairs so they can continue to stay cosy and start off the day on a really good foot! 

10 ways to show the person you love, that you love them

2. Have a brunch date together.

Another breakfast or brunch option (seeing as you can’t take them to their favourite local cafe right now) is to invite your Mum downstairs to experience breakfast at your home cafe.

Leave them to have a lie-in, deliver their book to them with a cup of tea (and a biscuit if they are hungry already) and then have them come downstairs to a gorgeous Mother’s Day lockdown breakfast. Whether it’s a full English breakfast, avocado and smoked salmon on toast, fresh croissants or pastries, or a stack of delectable pancakes, get preparing your mum’s favourite brunch dishes for a wonderful Mother’s Day morning at home. If you and your mum enjoy a cocktail, you could even make some mimosas mum-osas together! 

Create a handwritten menu, decorate the ‘cafe’ with handmade decorations and flowers, and leave a note to tell her how much you appreciate her this Mother’s Day. If you have siblings who can’t get home because of lockdown, they could join your breakfast cafe via Zoom (or another video calling option), and if you can’t be at home this Mother’s Day, you could get breakfast delivered to your mum from a local cafe!

10 ways to show the person you love, that you love them

3. Flowers!

I know it’s obvious, but most people love receiving flowers, and mothers are no exception to this! Take this opportunity to pop to a florist or a supermarket, pick up your mum’s favourite combination of flowers and colours, and brighten up her living space. If you want something that will last a little longer than flowers, consider buying a house plant or her favourite rose bush for the garden.

If your mum loves flower arranging, why not book a virtual flower arranging class together? You might not be able to get together in real life this Mother’s Day, but Mother’s Day in lockdown can still be full of fun and love! Get creative and play with the petals, colours and textures together to create a completely unique Mother’s Day bouquet.

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4. Leave post it notes of all the things you love about your mum in all the places she will go in the house.

Everyone loves thoughtful but cheap Mother’s Day gifts, like this idea. Buy a sharpie, a pack of post-its and go crazy. Write whatever comes to mind: memories, reasons you love them, things you are grateful for, things you appreciate. Leave them in places along their routine path e.g. on the bathroom mirror, on the toilet roll, in the wardrobe… You can even leave some with the breakfast or brunch you make them! Give them as many reasons as you can think of to light up with love.

See more ways to show someone you love them in this blog post.

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10 ways to show the person you love, that you love them

5. Tell your Mum all the reasons that you love her.

This is another easy way to show someone that you love them. Another cheap (but lovely!) Mother’s Day idea is to buy a pack of cards and write 52 (or however many) things you love about them or want to remind them of. It’s up to you if you give this as a Mother’s Day gift, or if you hide them round the house and turn it into a Mother’s Day scavenger hunt. You could even leave little gifts with some of them as an added treat.

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6. Get crafty with some DIY decorations.

Mums absolutely love homemade gifts (even when we are adults!). Decorate your living space with bunting, pictures and other homemade arts and crafts to show your mum you care. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for decorations and most of them can be made relatively easily and inexpensively. See how I made this bunting in this blog post.

If you’re in lockdown or your mum is self-isolating this Mother’s Day, consider decorating the porch or the front garden, and then asking her to come outside! If you bring your own takeaway coffee or tea then you can enjoy a socially-distanced catch up in her newly decorated, colourful space. 

10 ways to show the person you love, that you love them

7. Create a little scrapbook or montage of your favourite videos for a walk down memory lane.

Buy a scrapbook and begin a little memory book about you and your mum. Creating a scrapbook is something that takes time but I know my scrapbooks are the most precious thing I have (and one of the most precious gifts you can give someone is your time). You’re in lockdown after all, so if you’ve got time on your hands a scrapbook is a really special thing to bring to life. 

If you’d rather get tecchy, then what about editing together a short video full of clips of memories you and your mum share together? It’s something that you can watch together on Mother’s Day (either in real life or on Zoom) and that you can continue to watch when one of you is missing the other.

How to make your own scrapbook

8. Create a hamper of your mum’s favourite things.

You could buy a wicker basket or hamper and fill it with all your Mum’s favourite things: treats such as chocolates or wine, things for her to do, make or read, smellies for the bath and body, candles, teas or coffee, or little handmade gifts or notes from you. There are also plenty of pre-made hampers that you could get delivered to her door on Mother’s Day!


9. Do some baking together.

Many of us have fond memories of baking with our mums when we were younger… so bring that back now that you are both adults! Either in your kitchen, or on Zoom, get the ingredients together (you could buy them for her if you’re baking separately) and have some fun in the kitchen together! Make sure you allow time to try your freshly baked treats together with a cup of tea. 

If your mum doesn’t enjoy the process of baking as much as she does eating the delights you’ve made, you could pre-make the baking as a gift. You could make some biscuits and write little notes in icing on them, you could do brownie popsicles, you could do a rocky road cake in a heart silicone mould. Mother’s day baking options are endless, just choose your mother’s favourite treats and get decorating with some hearts, flowers and more! 

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10. Get some fresh air on a walk, hike or bike ride.

Depending on where you’re doing your Mother’s Day lockdown, this is a great way to get outside and change up the scenery whilst doing something for Mother’s Day. Take a coffee on a morning walk with your mum, or if your local restrictions allow you to do so, get active in the fresh air with a day hike or a bike ride. 

A 3-day microgap in Bournemouth, England


11. Go for a picnic in a park, by a river or lake, or in the garden.

Another way to get some fresh air on Mother’s Day in lockdown is a brunch or lunch picnic (if the weather and your restrictions allow it!). Put together a hamper with all your mum’s favourite snacks and head to your local park, or even your back garden, to enjoy the sunshine and each other’s company as you eat. 

If you can’t be with your mum because you’re having to do Mother’s Day in lockdown, consider having a virtual picnic! Send or drop off a picnic hamper and then video call each other as you eat in each of your local parks or back gardens.

12. Do your mum’s favourite hobbies together.

Let your mum decide what you do for the day, and let her plan (or if you know her well, you could plan) a day full of activities just for her. From going on a run together, reading together, listening to a podcast, doing some gardening together or more, even if it’s Mother’s Day in lockdown, it can be a Mother’s Day full of things she loves. Play is really important for our mental health, so make time for it this Mother’s Day! 

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13. Enjoy a crafternoon.

Maybe one of your Mum’s favourite hobbies is arts and crafts, or maybe you’re both looking for a creative outlet! You could join a virtual painting or pottery class, go freestyle with some sewing, or get inspired from Pinterest to get creative in a way you’ve always wanted, such as candle making. Get the creative juices flowing as you spend some time together this Mother’s Day. 

See more things to do at home when you’re looking for things to do here.

14. Do the chores for her.

If there are any day-to-day jobs or chores that your mum does that she doesn’t particularly enjoy, whether it be cleaning, shopping, DIY, dog-walking, washing or anything else, let her have the day off and some time to herself and get those done for her. On Mother’s Day at home it may be easy for her to slip into her normal routine, but make sure she gets the R&R she deserves and lighten the load for her.

15. Have afternoon tea at home.

While it’s hard to treat your mum to a fancy or unique afternoon tea in London because it’s Mother’s Day in lockdown, there’s no reason why you can’t do high tea at home. Make (or buy) some scones, mini cakes and sandwiches, get a collection of your favourite teas together and enjoy an afternoon of treats with your mum. 

16. Plan a home spa evening

If your Mum loves to relax (or has been very stressed e.g. working from home and needs to relax!) you might have treated her to a spa day, if it wasn’t Mother’s Day in lockdown. Don’t panic though: you can bring the spa home! 

Get all the face masks in, perhaps treat the two of you to a new skincare set, get some bath bubbles, some essential oils… you get the picture. Go all out with setting the lighting, the spa music and a light, healthy dinner. 

Check out wellness gift ideas in this blog post, which will help make your spa evening a reality!

An overnight stay at Donnington Valley Spa and Hotel, Berkshire


17. Get competitive in a games night.

If you and your mum enjoy playing games, then spending some quality time and getting competitive makes for the perfect Mother’s Day at home! Whether you enjoy board games such as Monopoly or card games such as UNO and DOS, there are loads of games to choose from and many of them can be played online too!

18. Cook together.

One way to show your love on Mother’s Day is to spend time by doing something together. You could get all the stuff to make homemade pizzas together, you could do a course each and make a Mexican feast.

If you’re celebrating Mother’s Day in lockdown from a distance, you could cook the same thing over Zoom, sharing recipe tips and then eat together. If you don’t fancy cooking but want to share dinner tonight, why not get the same takeout and enjoy it while you chat on a video call. 

Another alternative is a cooking class! Find something that you’ve always wanted to cook with the help of an expert and book onto a virtual cooking class for Mother’s Day.

Whatever you do, do it with love.

Airplane mode on- The Ultimate Girly Sleepover


19. Bring travel to your home and create a themed cocktail evening

Where you may have treated your mum to an adventure, weekend away or a holiday (you could always book ahead for one?) why not bring the travel to your home?

Is there somewhere you and your mum have always wanted to travel to? Bring a themed night to your place for Mother’s Day evening…

  • Choose the country / location
  • Research a popular cocktail there (e.g. piña colada for Puerto Rico, Sangria for Spain)
  • Dress up the room with themed decor
  • Get outfits for the both of you
  • Play music from that country
  • Think of a game to play and a meal you can tuck into to bring the country to life!
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20. Have a cheese and wine night or try virtual wine tasting.

Create your own cheese platter, grab your favourite bottle of wine and spend the evening enjoying the flavours and reminiscing on you childhood memories and the journey that you and your mum have been on.

If you’re the one planning it, you could start off with some cheeeeesy jokes! What type of music does a cheesemonger listen to? R & Brie. Haha!

Another alternative for a Mother’s Day in lockdown could be a virtual wine tasting night. Get the same mini bottles of wine from the supermarket and taste and rate them, making a note of your favourite bottle so you can buy a bigger one and share it when you are reunited!

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21. Wrap up warm, get hot chocolate goodies and have a fire pit session.

There’s nothing cosier than a touch of cold air and an excuse to snuggle up to your nearest and dearest.

We missed out on firework displays this year but it doesn’t mean you can’t take the energy and create it in your garden.

Wrap up warm, make your favourite drinks, get a fire pit and some marshmallows to toast, perhaps some fireworks too and snuggle up with your mum beneath the night sky. This is where my favourite conversations happen: from reminiscing on childhood memories, to putting the world to rights and planning more future adventures together.

22. Have a girly sleepover or movie night.

Put on some snuggly PJs, make the living room all cosy – you could even make a den! – and snuggle up with your favourite movie. You could watch on a laptop, on the TV, or on a projector.

Having a projector at home is a game-changer for movie night. I have this portable Apeman one which I use in my van too. Invest in one, not only for Mother’s Day but for year-round movie nights. All you then need is to connect to your phone / laptop, bring up Netflix or a streaming platform of your choice and then buy your Mum’s favourite treats. Go to town and buy some cute popcorn holders too!

If you don’t fancy a movie, then one of the benefits of lockdown has been the amount of theatre productions and comedy shows that we are able to watch (live or not) now too! If you’re celebrating Mother’s Day in lockdown, you can watch the same thing while you’re on a video call, laughing and commenting together or quoting the same lines from your favourite film as you watch. 

Check out my guide to the ultimate girly sleepover here.

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23. Make coupons for things to do together (or for your mum to do alone) after lockdown.

Mother’s Day in lockdown will be great, I promise. However, there’s no denying that there will be things that you want to do together or that you want to treat your mum to, that just aren’t the same at home. One Mother’s Day gift idea could be to make coupons or vouchers for these things once normality has returned. Whether it’s coffee at your Mum’s favourite cafe, dinner at her favourite restaurant, a massage at the local spa… give her something to look forward to and another reason to stay positive during lockdown.

See more ways to show your mum that you love her here.

24. Plan a post-lockdown trip together, or plan a surprise trip.

We are all itching to travel at the moment (see my tips for travelling during the coronavirus pandemic when it’s safe to do so here). Rather than feeling sad about the fact that we can’t travel at the moment, use this opportunity to plan the trip of a lifetime for you and your mum! Choose somewhere that she really wants to go and get researching! 

See my top tips for planning your next adventure here.

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Trips that I’ve been on with my Mum and loved include…


What other Mother’s Day ideas have you got?

How do you make your cheap Mother’s day ideas thoughtful? What are you planning for this Mother’s Day in lockdown?

Love as always and happy adventuring,


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24 best Mother's Day at home ideas for lockdown 2021:​
24 best Mother's Day at home ideas for lockdown 2021:​
24 best Mother\'s Day ideas and gifts24 best Mother\'s Day ideas and gifts




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